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  1. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    yes comrade, dont forget the precious playerbase that we give them a free premium if they play for... 24 hours.. every day.. for a month
  2. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    shhh.. Wargaming thinks designs are 100% the actual ship. Which is why I can take on the Royal Navy, I have a design for an awesome battleship with: Radars that have a range that challenges the size of some continents, Armour that makes the IJN Yamato blush, and much more. /sarcasm (but yeah your soviet propaganda is pathetic)
  3. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    @Crysantos or @Tanatoy Isn't this video kind of.. fake and misleading? We actually know how lots of ships in this game performed in real life, because they actually existed. Here is my question: What kind of powerful battleship not even touch the ocean? I mean, we know Wargaming loves the Soviet tech tree, which probably explains the happy accidents that are Kremlin and Smolensk but maybe retaining some sort of historical authenticity would give this game more shine? As I said, we know how some ships performed in real life, so why are we comparing a napkin design to something that actually existed?
  4. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    Aww Wargaming playing the imagination game? Non existant Soviet ship won? "Have you ever had a dream where the Soviet Navy touched the water? I know, proper sci fi crap right there"
  5. ItsJustAFleshWound

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    we had to pay for the last 2 stages on the Odin dockyard too. I like it, 3.5k doubloons isn't bad for a t8 prem, considering 3.5k doubloons won't even get you an Anshan without a coupon.
  6. ItsJustAFleshWound

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    Im pretty sure all stages can be completed with doubloons but you have to pay 3.5k dbs to get past stage 19 and 20. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question, you may want to ask @Crysantos about this.
  7. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Update 0.9.8

    lmao if there is anything Khabarovsk does right now, crushing and destroying isn't one of them.
  8. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Do we want carriers in the game or not?

    I agree. I bought Kaga and my god was it a waste. CV play is incredibly boring and it's not even challenging, it's a simple point and click and dodge flak. Wish I could refund the doubloons but now I've played it WG say that it's unfair to have it removed because it's in my stats, seriously wtf is this policy??
  9. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Do we want carriers in the game or not?

    "hate post" lol. Thanks for the laugh. Also it's because right now CVs are ruining the game, they take very little skill to play compared to other classes, lose some planes? that's alright, they regenerate.
  10. ItsJustAFleshWound

    New Install on new PC

    I can't give a full answer and I'm not a tech, but I have noticed - for me at least - the WG launcher is incredibly slow at downloading and installing (even with "Use all computer resources" turned on) Steam downloaded it a bit faster - although I'm assuming you made an account from the WG website so you couldn't use the same account on steam. Microsoft Store downloaded it a LOT faster - again, you can't use an existing account on there. Maybe it's because servers are busy or something but I've noticed WG launcher is slow for me.
  11. ItsJustAFleshWound

    Do we want carriers in the game or not?

    No. What were the devs thinking when they released CVs? CVs can: Spot infinitely from any point of the map. Cause damage to any ship without risking taking damage themselves. ("aww but muh squadrons". They regenerate) Don't have to worry about positioning (I'm not saying that they can just sit at the back and not move but it's not nearly as "difficult" as with other classes) There are probably a lot more things they can do too, but I may have forgotten them. And I say this as someone who plays CVs, they should be a part of the game but not in their current state. When will WG admit they made a crap mistake and that the CV "rework" was a complete fail? All of the above is bad enough in randoms, let alone a competitive environment.
  12. Thank you for the breakdown on this subject. Interesting read! :)
  13. Interesting. I wonder why they only would build for smaller naval engagements, wouldn't they know that naval battles would be a big part of WW2? (with the Dreadnoughts progressing into better ships etc)
  14. Thanks. You mention that other nations abandoned secondary battery, did keeping the secondary battery help the KM in any way? Did they get a chance to use them? and if so, did they have any sort of meaningful effect?
  15. Hmm, I didn't think of this at all. It makes a lot more sense to have similar looking ships. Thanks :)