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  1. DaBung

    Is there a way to turn off the loss music?

    That’s a shame, it would be a nice option to have.... I find that that last thing a want after a (usually frustrating) defeat is that long winded tune to rub it in.
  2. Is there a way to turn off the music for a defeat? I find it annoying.
  3. DaBung

    Ranked is Infuriating

    I started playing ranked in the bronze league somewhat seriously for the first time, I quite enjoyed it until I reach the qualification... I can't believe how horrible it is trying to win five matches without corresponding loses, its just seems impossible for a player of my level... its just watch stars go up to 4 then back to 0 then back to 4... its just a ridiculously stressful system. Its probably just that I am not good enough and maybe it will help having a few more choices of ship for me at 9 & 10 as i only got BBs at the moment... but it is the first league it should be manageable for an average player surely. Anyway that's my short rant.
  4. DaBung

    DD vs DD Gun Fights

    Unless you have a Z-39 😜 which was my highest tier DD for a good while and a good part of the the reason I got into DDs in the first place.... think it still has one of my highest win rates... that’s the power of concealment module on a tier 7 😆 I actually started most of the DD trees in the game and got to T5-7 with many of them now (Brits, french and Germans my fav I think). I think the above is right that this is a good way of doing it as you spend more time learning at an ‘easier’ tier; unlike with the Battleships where I focused on Germans only for ages and got to T10 without being ready (particularly with GK).
  5. DaBung

    DD vs DD Gun Fights

    I am wondering if it’s a bad thing to abandon flanks if there’s nothing you can do there as a DD... it’s a common issue I face: cv, other dd (probably with better stealth or skill) or radar. I know if I stay I will probably die, but I leave I massively disadvantage my team there. Basically I am wondering if it’s better to stay alive or support the team in these cases?
  6. DaBung

    DD vs DD Gun Fights

    This is all very helpful, thanks all. Sorry not had time to like all the posts 😆 Something helpful in most of them! I will probably re-read these a few times as I learn with my Lightning. Practice is needed I think!
  7. DaBung

    DD vs DD Gun Fights

    I have had the time now to read through all the posts in more detail. Thanks for the advice again I appreciate it (particularly is this much detail). A few people have mentioned knowing your ship, I mostly play British DDs now and am currently at the lightning. I have a pretty good idea of their strengths (good firepower, reasonable concealment, mediocre torps, high utility smoke, defensive hydro, amazing manoeuvrability, slow, heal at high tier) but is there any advice specific to them? The general feel I get is that strategy is the the hardest part of this game (positioning, forward thinking, etc), you can be the best fighter is the game a still get owned with bad strategy.
  8. DaBung

    DD vs DD Gun Fights

    Thanks for the advice! This is mostly stuff I try to do already, though I need to improve I most these aspects. I think ignoring the team moaning and choosing battles more carefully is a good point. I generally try to avoid fighting other dds with guns and stealth torp them instead with blind launches (and I am quite decent at this. Trouble is that it is the good dds will avoid this and I often find getting or not getting a cap comes down to me gunning down the other DD. Like in ranked yesterday where we lost over contesting C, and the DD fight was the decider. If I ran away then I am not sure what would have happened, reality is we had to take one of their caps.
  9. DaBung

    DD vs DD Gun Fights

    I like playing DDs and I think I am fairly decent with them now, however I just can’t see to master DD vs DD combat... whenever I fight another DD I my lightning, French thing (can’t spell it sorry XD), Ernst G. I exchange really badly usually losing twice as much hp as my opponent.... I already juke the throttle and steering (though this could be done better granted), but I am wondering if there’s a particular part of the other DD I should target for more dpm? Anyway, any guidance of DD vs DD combat appreciated (also any good video guides, have not found many for DDs)
  10. DaBung

    What-if German line

    I’d like to see more competitive German dds. I like the feel of the current ships, but they are just too weak to work unless you’re VS potatoes. Down tiering them could work I think.
  11. DaBung

    Marco Polo or Pommern for Co-op?

    I have not played either of them, but I have played tirpitz A lot and FDG and Italian BBs up to tier 7. I hated FDG, it handles like a block of flats and while it’s doesn’t get citadelled easily, it does take damage from basically everything regardless of what you do. Pommern is the same as far as I know. Tirpitz is straight up better in my opinion : far more manoeuvrable, same torps, same secondaries only upgrades with Pommern are 4 more main guns and hp (stronger armour vs big guns... but this does not really help it as much as you would think). They Italians have great armour and alpha damage if you can get close enough to hit things... the stealth is not bad either. The secondaries are garbage though. To me the only reason to pommern is for the torps (which are super good for yolo in co-op), but is you already have Sharny and Tirp then you already have more fun ships for this then Pommern; if it’s anything like FDG. If your any good with guns and angling then Italians might be better. but previous poster is right, get the one you want the most. Why I got Georgia over thunderer before they both went, even though thunderer is definitely more powerful and competitive. I have had no regrets with that decision.
  12. Sounds like there are quite a few different play styles for Mino?
  13. I am training up my captain for the Minotaur, recommendations?
  14. DaBung

    WG, lets talk!

    Hint @WG Will only probably spend money on brawling ships ;) Not better AA (cause its boring)
  15. DaBung

    WG, lets talk!

    It does not make sense that this would apply only to CVs.