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  1. CorporalMediocre

    Lighthouse Auction: Admiral Ushakov and Sekiryu

    Seeing the starter prices alone I feel very poor now.
  2. CorporalMediocre

    Public Test 0.11.10 - Battle Pass

    Ahoy! In the news the mission for 250 Doubloons and 1,600 Community Tokens for sinking 30 enemy ships (alternatively 500k damage in submarines, which is missing in the news) is marked as one of two "Recurring Combat Missions", however today this mission is not available on the PTS - in contrast to the other one (1,000 base XP), which can be accomplished a second time. Is this a mistake in the news or a bug on the test server?
  3. CorporalMediocre

    Anniversary super container haul

    I've been rather lucky: Opened 13 SCs from this event and got, most notably, 2k Doubloons, 30 Premium Days and the Atlanta! Btw: Does the "guaranteed ship drop" also applies to Super Containers? In that case every player who did not receive a ship this time at least decreased the number of containers until a ship will drop for sure.
  4. CorporalMediocre

    Tier 11 super in burning credits.

    IIRC I had a very good game with Yamagiri, coming first of the winning team with about 2.5k base XP and just lost a few thousand credits (no credit bonus except for having Premium). In the end I've received a Supercontainer for my expenses, haven't touched Superships anymore after finishing the related combat mission.
  5. I will get the German submarines, just to play them in Operation Wolfpack, because that's where the submarines belong to in my opinion: in their own game mode. I do not intend to play them in Random, Ranked or Brawls, maybe in Co-op for snow flakes or personal challenges.
  6. CorporalMediocre

    Just Wondering: Anyone Else Get Robbed Recently?

    I wonder what happens if they remove more Dubloons than a player had? Integer underflow and 4,294,967,275 Dubloons on the account?
  7. CorporalMediocre

    Gratis Dunkerque?

    Die Dunkerque ist nun auch in meinem Hafen angekommen. Ich habe erstmal gesucht, ob ich irgendwo durch Zufall etwas gewonnen habe, aber es scheint tatsächlich mit den Steam-DLCs zusammen zu hängen.
  8. CorporalMediocre

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Game freezed in Dockyard, had this issue today two times. Shutting down the game and starting again helped though, after that the Dockyard was accessible. If there is a special animation when the ship has been finished, like in other dockyard events, it was missing. The new camera angle feels like a bug, but I fear it is the wanted behaviour to provide less overview over the battle.
  9. Zu den Wartungskosten hat vie_ba_AUT ja bereits geantwortet. Die weiteren Clan-Boni sieht man direkt in der Auflistung der verschiedenen Boni bei jedem Schiff. Ich habe dazu nach einem Screenshot gesucht, aber leider keinen gefunden, erinnere mich aber daran, dass es auf dem Test-Server so war.
  10. CorporalMediocre

    Guide to Separation of Exterior Visuals and Economic Bonuses

    For those who may missed it because it was posted on the Development Blog only (as far as I know): There is an Economic Bonus Calculator you may check to see which and how many of the new bonusses you will get for your signals and camos. For a test I've bought some camos in the Armory, and the inventory at this page plus the bonusses were updated accordingly, so it's up-to-date and you do not have to do all calculations via spreadsheet analysis yourself.
  11. CorporalMediocre

    Developers Answer: Maps and Game Modes

    The difference between the two sides is in fact the sunlight. One team has it in its back, the other is looking into it. So targeting a ship may need a tiny bit more time if its contour is a little blurry. Maybe it's an eye issue, but for me I definitely have a harder time to aim properly if there is a back light.
  12. CorporalMediocre

    Introducing Discord Drops

    I'd have expected to see Discord linked in the Wargaming's Account Management, next to amazon, Twitch etc. That way players could easily see if they have linked their WG account with Discord.
  13. CorporalMediocre

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    I had to reload the game client, after that I've received the gifts. Maybe that's the case here too.
  14. CorporalMediocre

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Edit: Sorry, missed the part destroying a ship only counts a single time, so 10 eggs is de facto the maximum. To not write a new article for this I‘d like to add that Ranked battles are much quicker in general than Random matches, and it is much easier to be in Top 3, especially in Gold with just 5 players on each side.