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  1. I do n’t know if your(wargaming) game developers usually participate in the game experience? But I think this game is getting worse! I have been playing this game for 5 years,during this period, in addition to the launch of some special ships that are not available, the game experience is getting worse. I have played many accounts, and many friends are playing this game together, but now they have all left, and people with particularly good game technology have left. I have to say that your development and changes to the game are as disappointing as crap. Now there are more and more people in this game who will not play, and fewer and fewer masters. Have you ever thought about changing this phenomenon that can't keep people? If you do n’t have a better way, then let me help you, listen to my opinion! ONE: Modify the game matching mechanism, change the ship matching level to a higher level or a lower level, and give up the existing high and low level matching.Modified in battles at level 7 and below. Many ships below level 7 cannot fight high-level ships in high-level combat because those ships are too backward.Even if anyone's game level is even better, it can't avoid the disadvantages caused by the backward technology level of the ship, which will make the newcomers and masters have no game experience.It is feasible for ships above level 8 to keep the existing matching mechanism unchanged. TWO: Increase the benefits of potential damage, reduce the benefits of those who continue to attack a single target, so that players can choose as many different targets as possible to attack. There are many players in the game who are good at selling teammates for profit, this behavior should not be allowed. Players who have not caused attack damage within a certain period of time should also appropriately reduce their earnings. The game should encourage everyone to take the initiative to create harm, rather than hide.Many battleship players should be encouraged to cover their team members' offensive actions when they are injured. Increasing their income can affirm their contribution to the battle. THREE: Develop new game modes, especially for those who are master players, to keep them passionate about the game and a better game experience. For example, in the four directly managed servers, the global matching random combat mode is regularly turned on, and the players of the four servers are placed in a queue for matching battles. Of course, this model must have certain entry restrictions.For example, if the player account has 3000 battles and the win rate is greater than 50%,Or let them use some type of ship for global matching battles, and encourage master players to use their own ships to compete with players on other servers. This mode can be opened regularly like qualifying, while giving different rewards for qualifying and union battles. If you cannot give a lot of master players a specific game space, they will continue to use their game capabilities to bully those newcomers, which is not the balance the game should have. FOUR: To speed up the version update speed, it is best to be the best time within 3 to 4 weeks. Now the update speed is too slow, it is easy for people who are playing games every day to get bored. Strengthen the efforts to combat plug-ins. Those malicious plugins that violate the rules of the game and cause the game to be unbalanced should not be banned all the time. Increasing the reporting function of external users in the game is like getting praised by others. Let me talk about these for a while, and wait for me to come up with other suggestions, and then tell the developers. I ’m from a non-English speaking country, please do n’t mind my grammatical errors. I do n’t know if your game developers usually participate in the game experience?