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    I am one of the honest players, but differently from many here I have not sunk much money in this game. And time wise, I think I didn't really lose much. And I'm also lucky: I was never banned, never got a strike. I play WoWs just because some friends like this game and I value the "social" aspect of it. Now, one of such friends got his first strike. He only uses modstation (and we know that it's impossible to be banned due to it, RIGHT?) and we use the same mods in it. He is one of those who played a lot longer that I did, investing much much MUCH more money. To IsKor06's point: honest, all-time players are pissed and angry about this. And all the other bs that Wargaming regularly throws on the table... but I'm digressing. If you have poor coders that cannot keep up with the cheaters, don't take it out on your player base. They are the ones paying your salary, just to be very clear. At a very minimum you should offer a tool that scan the system and tells if the account would be flagged (just a yes/no, no need for a more detailed message if that scares you folks so much). And remember: these people here talk, have fb, twitch, etc accounts and your success as a company depends on them being happy with the service you provide. Give it a thought. Oh, and yes: asking people to reinstall their O/S for this is amusing to say the least... I guess sense of humor is a requirement for the job.
  2. Comandanti, il clan INOC apre il reclutamento volontario per capitani che sono alla ricerca di un clan maturo ma divertente, avventuroso ma dedito alla ricerca della vittoria. Siamo un clan giovane e capiamo che il modo migliore di trovare il successo e' attraverso allenamento persistente e coaching reciproco. Offriamo e chiediamo lo stesso da tutti gli aspiranti arruolamenti. Requisiti: accesso almeno a navi di Tier 5 uso di Discord e chiamate vocali durante le battaglie navali in grado di dedicare 5 ore di training durante la settimana + 5 ore durante i weekend (preferibilmente tardo pomeriggio o ad inizio serata) Disclaimer: fare parte del clan e' un privilegio, non un diritto. Saremo felici di dare un'opportunita' a chiunque dimostri di essere in sintonia con il nostro credo. Ma allo stesso tempo non avremo remore ad espellere tutti quei capitani che dimostrino di non rispettare regole o, peggio, portino disonore al nostro clan. Aspiranti applicanti possono contattarci attraverso WoW o attraverso l'email del nostro recruiting service center wow.inoc.rs@gmail.com Stay safe out there! o7 BullfrogReal INOC Executive Officer *** AUDACTER IRE AD VICTORIAM! ***