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  1. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

  2. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    3 weeks now, all the Premium time I had is wasted, gone. I can't remember how many days I had, but it's not the amount of days wasted, it's the indifference WarGaming display, they simply don't care about me. There are 100000 other players for each one of us who claim a refund, it's a ratio of 1:100.000 so why should they care about us ??? The "influencers", on Twitch and Youtube have moved on, some of them gave WarGaming a few slaps, Flambass was essential the only one to give WarGaming a broadside, but all is back to normal on the frontline. The only ones who had a real chance to push WarGaming in the right direction, have all moved on. And I get that, World of Warships pay their bills, you can bark at the hand that feeds you, but you can't bite. So the end of this may or may not result in a refund, no compensation for all we have lost the last 3 weeks will be given, my guess is the refund will start rolling out 2 week of 2021. It's a clear pattern for WarGaming, each time they fluff something up in WoT or WoWS they react the same way as usual, nothing changes, and we the gamers have a short memory so we game on. So you won WarGaming, you broke my will to fight for fair treatment for me as your customer, well played GG ..... F
  3. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Most of us asking for this option, get this message The kind Sir writing this mail say "If you should have more questions me and my team remain at your disposal." I send 3 messages since this, but no answer. " me and my team remain at your disposal." hmmm no you are not. 27th of December, ohh how fun it would be to play some World of Warships, grinding a tech tree as much as I can. But I can't play ..... I have numerous times pointed out, we are losing premium gametime because we can't play, if a single flag received in a santa's gift is used, wave goodbye to your refund. Nobody at WarGaming is talking about all we are losing, because we can't play. and how they will fairly compensate us.
  4. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    It's very important that players/customers like you voice your opinion on the subject, with 5000+ battles I would say you are a VIP player/customer that WarGaming would hate to disappoint so what you say and do relating to this matter will be taken serious. Us newbs with less than 1000 battles are ignored by default, strangely enough because we are potential customers of premium time and ships because the game is designed to promote this, I dare to say you can't play without premium time in the beginning, and you need premium ships and economical flags to make credits, no credits no progress ...... Come to mind, why am I playing World of Warships and World of Tanks on both the EU and NA servers, throwing €$£ at WarGaming, and let them treat me like crap?????? I could just cut the strings and move on, in the end it's up to me who I throw €$£ at, and what kind of treatment I will accept!!!!!
  5. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Ohhh yes since 8/9th of december. At the beginning I was just mildly irritated, then it moved to somewhat irritated, then it moved to very irritated and now I am just fluffing pissed off. It's not so much the wait, it's the silence from WarGaming that gets to me, it's is so infuriating and degrading as a customer to be ignored, nothing is worse in a crisis situation, than silence from Wargaming. No update, no recognition of mishandeling of the situation, no talk of fair compensation for inconvenience, no talk of customers losing premium days because they cant play the game in fear of having your claim dismissed, No talk of lost gametime, no talk of lost progress, no talk of not being able to play the game through the holiday season. Nothing.......... Just Plain Nothing. 24th of december today, Christmas is here, and that mean spend time with loved ones to celebrate. So for the next days probably until after New Year NOTHING will happen NOTHING!!!!! Never again WarGaming, Never again. #NeverAgainWargaming let this trend so people can show their frustration, with the treatment by Wargaming on this issue.
  6. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I too would like to hear from the players, that have had a manual refund yet !!!! This goes beyond bad customer service, WarGaming are deliberate dragging their feet on this issue. We can't play in fear of messing up and use a single flag, and have the return of the Santa's gift claim nullified - So I don't play WoWS, losing out on in-game progress/losing out on potential in-game credits earnings/losing my premium time witch are used if I play or not/and not a word of any kind of compensation for these issues, no info on compensation for our play time lost, no info on a fair an appropriate compensation to the custermores, as an band-aid and sorry for swindling with the Santa's Gifts - WarGaming actually confirm they stack the outcome on which ship you get or do not get, and have done so for years, and never told us that they stack your chances for getting a ship and witch ship you receive. That is fraud and svindel. And WarGaming give us the usual silent treatment and ignore players who ask for a fair and in this case well deserved compensation, WG Saying "If we do not talk about it it will go away like always", Players make sure this do not happen!!!!!! Demand fair compensation a story from r/WorldOfWarships
  7. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Just wanted to update you on some things and hope to create awareness of our rights to fair compensation, for lost gametime/lost in-game earnings/in-game premium days lost/common goodwill/just plain the right and fair way for wargaming to react.
  8. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    8 Days and counting. I can't play in fear of using just one item I received from the Santa's gifts, and then WG nullify my claim. So no WoWS 7 days to christmas vacation, best time to play WoWS and WOT, because it's easy to play some rounds, then do stuff around the house, and then return to play a few rounds, and so on. You can't really do that with Cyberpunk 2077 or any AAA titles out now. So Thanks WG for [edited]me over, grabbing my playtime away from me, the Santa's Gifts was a major fuckup, the decision to reimburse players for the Santa's Gift fuckup was A+ I did not think you had it in your heart to do the right thing WG A+ guys, execution of the reimbursement process is an F- roll out a brigade of Russian Tech dudes and update every 12 hours on what's being done, and where you are on your timetable, bring Info to us the customers eagerly awaiting a solution. Let's talk compensation for "Time Lost and Inconveniences for customers ", while we await you fixing the issue, compensation definition is: "money/items that is paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some problem", you normally claim compensation by contacting the company who have caused the problem, if the company dismiss your claim or ignore the claim, you have the right to take this company in front of a judge. However the persons claiming the compensation, only has to present the case before a judge, but the company has to use a solicitor/lawyer to fight the claim of compensation which is a costly affair, so if a company refuse a claim of compensation to: 1. delay the time the compensation or 2. try to minimize the value/cost of the compensation. That would be a bad decision from a economically viewpoint, because the cost of legal help and resulting badwill from customers and future customers. So WarGaming I hereby claim compensation for inconvenience regarding "The Santa's gift issue" as you describe in this statement in post #1 of this thread 7th of January 2020. I will accept a fair compensation if it represent a fair treatment of me as your customer.What I do NOT consider a fair compensation is 1. Premium Account time under 180 days 2. In-game credits at the amount of less than 15 millions pr. day counting from the day the ticket was created until the issue has been fixed. 3. Any premium ship that do not represent as a fair compensation like a tier 2 Cruiser, a fair compensation would be a free pick of any Tier 8 ship in your store for free + 30 million credits. So please Wargaming I beg of you, handle the thought of compensation for inconvenience for us customers seriously with respect and be fair. Find a solution that will please your customers, and make them happy so they will forgive and forget the Santa's gifts issue. It's the smartest long term decision, that will pay for itself, happy customers buy more of your items in the shop, they play more, they get their friends to play. A happy customers say to themself "What a super outcome of this otherwise shitty situation, job well done, let's play some WoWS". This is not my only account, i have multiple accounts and play WoT and WoWS in both the EU and NA, and I spend money in all accounts, who can play without Premium account and a few Tier 8 ships and tanks, and most of my friends have several accounts like myself, I think many players have it the same way. ***** EDIT ***** Some players have found my post funny, I am always ready to be the town fool.But the town and the people who live in it, has to be nice. I want to talk to the grown up part of you, phe people that has a job and get paid for the time you spend on the job.Maybe you are part of the Health service in your country, and due to the 2020 pest you have to work odd hours, work over time, work weekends and national holidays. So you are 110% sure of how the company you work for, compensates you for your work. So you know 2 things to be true 1. You are being paid less than you are worth. 2. You know how much the company who compensate you for the hours you work for them. One could say you know exactly what your time is worth. So to all who laugh at me, for setting the compensation bar high. But I ask of you who knows the compensation/time idea of modern society this.... "What is your time really worth" The players who sits in an unsolved situation, and can't play WoWS for 12 days by now, do they not have rights to a fair compensation,. Why do you value your time so low, you find a fair compensation out of reach. Do you not have a job, then I understand you set your compensation value so low, because it really, really suck to receive unemployment benefits. That will smash your self worth. But back to the subject at hand, I have become the town clown for demanding a fair compensation, and I know what my time is worth in €$£ and believe me when I say the fair compensation I state above, do in no way measure up to the real price of my time. But by laughing at the city clown and his rambling, you do the devil's work for WarGaming, seperating people and deny us to find common ground, to gather and collectively set out to get a fair compensation for lost gametime/in-game earnings/in-game premium days lost/common goodwill/just plain the right and fair way for wargaming to react. 2 ways to go, mock the town clown or join the fight for a fair compensation. What will you do ......
  9. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    Time is ticking away, this is the time of a year I play the most games. However I can't play until this ticket is solved. If I'm not playing WoWS, I am playing some other game, and maybe I find, that game to be more entertaining, I'm not saying it will happen, but it could happen. Hope you get to my ticket soon. 7/12-2020 I had gold on my account, I bought Santa's gifts in the Armory 8/12-2020 I still had some gold on my account, I bought Santa's gifts in the Armory 8/12-2020 I bought gold in the Premium Shop, I used that gold to buy Santa's gifts in the Amory I have the invoice for buying the gold in the Premium Shop. You do not receive an invoice for buying things in the Armory 9-12-2020 I made my Ticket, opting for a rollback and a refund for the gold I bought in the Premium Shop (Basically asking WG to restore the gold I bought) Easy one might think, I even gave them permission to rollback Got this answer: Hello The_Silver_Ghost, Thank you for your prompt reply. Sadly our team doesn't have available savepoint to use and complete the rollback process. I'm sending your ticket for the manual refund but it will take more time to be managed. I wrote to WG in the Ticket that they had my permission to rollback to the 1st of November ......................... Still waiting for anything from WG Support, a rollback, a refund, an answer, a free red balloon As stated above I do not play WoWS while this develops, because I will not let WG off this time, they made a mistake and have to fix it, and as soon as all my gold has be restored (+ 500 Dubloones and 500.000 Credits as a token of goodwill perhaps, like a small compensation for not being able to play WoWS, or maybe the SIROCO or GENOVA or some other ship, a token of goodwill goes a long way, when you have caused a inconvenience for your customers) I will play again and probably buy a new ship with my gold.
  10. The_Silver_Ghost

    PSA: Santa Containers

    YabbaCoe Can you please provide a link (or a guide) to the correct place to make a ticket, and put it in your first post in this thread, to make it easier for all parts involved. Thank You The_Silver_Ghost (Just a simple minion)
  11. I already have my account linked to Twitch and Amazon Prime, and I already own the Tirpitz As like you it says claimed for 2 last care packets, but I haven't received anything. strange .... Maybe by some magic it will be sorted
  12. The_Silver_Ghost

    Soviet Cruisers: Two Bogatyrs

    You done well Wargaming, I take a knee before you
  13. The_Silver_Ghost

    Can someone invite me to the game using the recruiting station

    Got invite .... WoWS has the best community Thanks so much
  14. Can someone invite me to the game using the recruiting station Thanks so much The_Silver_Ghost