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  1. Salut Je suis a la recherche d’un clan, de preferance francophone et anglophone. Je ne suis pas 100% francophone (je suis danois). Mon francais ecrit est pas mal, mon oral moins bien (je n’ai pas parle francais pendant + de 10 ans, mon vocabulaire + prononciation laisse a desirer). L’anglais serai un bon filet de securite :) Pourquoi pas simplement choisir un clan danois ou anglais? Il n’y a pas une grande communaute wows danoise, et j’espere ameliorer mon jeux ainsi que mon francais ;) Niveau: assez pauvre (44% victoires en aleaotoire) Dommages: 58 000 Jeux (en alleatoire): 600+ en moins d’un an (cuirasses et croiseurs) https://wows-numbers.com/fr/player/569981219,Iznogood_DK/ Navires: J’ai un peu de tout en cuirasses et croiseurs (preferance, les allemands et les russes, mais j'ai aussi des japonais et des americains) Je joue reguliairement, mais a part quelques rares exceptions, je joue seul. J’espere jouer un peux plus en division, en batailles de clan si/quand le niveau y saura. Ancien clan: PADER, clan allemand. Je l’ai quitte avant hier. Seule raison, je ne parle pas l’allemand 😀 Je leur ai fourni pas mal de petrole.
  2. Iznogood_DK

    commanders skills reset

    ok, thanks to all of you for your time and answers :)
  3. Iznogood_DK

    commanders skills reset

    yes, I saw the same, but how does that explain, that I have him with a ribbon in the captains logbook. And again, I'm pretty sure he had a ribbon, as well as enhaced skills (same as the Does) to start with? Can his skills have been downgraded/removed after an update? (has that happened before, just as they up/downgrade ships?)
  4. Iznogood_DK

    commanders skills reset

    thanks for the overview. I'm pretty sure I bought him with enhanced skills. Also, he appears with the ribbon in my captains log?
  5. Iznogood_DK

    commanders skills reset

    (sorry about first post, copy paste from Word messed up the format) Hi I bought Theodore E. Chandler with enhanced skills (expert marksman + expert loader) and with 10 skill points. But some time ago, he changed to only show as regular skilled (ribbon has also disappeared) and skill points have reset (he has 7 points now, as I’ve played with him quite a lot since). In the captains logbook, he still appears with the “enhanced ribbon” however. It’s probably my doing, having his skills reset having messed something up (I wonder however how it’s possible for a user to decrease a commanders skills), but is there any way I can get the enhanced skilled commander I paid for back? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  6. Iznogood_DK

    Jeremie Noel commande skills

    thanks, then no reason to pay 2000 doubloons extra for this commander, unless you want fast extra 2 skill points (and patches, etc. are important to you)
  7. Iznogood_DK

    Jeremie Noel commande skills

    Commander Jeremie Noel can be bought for 3.500 doubloons (incl. patch, etc.). I can't see, if he has special skills, which I'd like to know before buying him. If he doesn't have any, it's cheaper buying a current commander with 2 less skill points for 1.500 doubloons. Do any of you know if he has any special skille and if so, what? Thanks :)
  8. Iznogood_DK

    0.9.10 BUG: game crashes when changing port

    Problem solved. I uninstalled the game and made a clean installation (on Steam) I assume I must have had remains of some mods.
  9. Iznogood_DK

    0.9.10 BUG: game crashes when changing port

    same bug, but what triggered it was when I changed to Key Battle. I haven't changed port (yet.) Now game crashes every time I try to log in, I can't get the option to change back to other battle type before it crashes.
  10. Iznogood_DK

    ship target markers (in game)

    I'll try that, thanks :)
  11. Iznogood_DK

    ship target markers (in game)

    Hi I'm not sure it's the actual target marker, but all ennemy ship icons (in game) I'm talking about. I must have changed something in my setup, as I now only have an actual size marker on the ships I have targetted. All other ships are minimal size. Do you know what I need to fix the issue, getting regular size icons/target markers on all ships? I hope it makes sense, pardon my english ;) Note: also affects own team ships located far away.
  12. Iznogood_DK

    Commander or ships for coal?

    sound like a ship (Thunderer) is the best solution. Thanks for all your feedbacks :)
  13. Iznogood_DK

    Commander or ships for coal?

    Hi I have just about enough coal to either exchange it for a (tier X) ship or a commander . I'm unsure what's the wisest thing to do. I'm considering either investing in - Lütjens as new commander for my G. Kurfürst or Pommern or - Kuznetsov as new commander for my Petroplavlovsk or - new ship (Salem/Moskva/Yoshino/Thunderer) Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  14. Iznogood_DK

    (how to get) Consumable upgrades?

    Hi I've seen videos with ships having upgraded consumables (Repair party 2, etc.). How do I acquire such upgrades? Thanks in advance :)
  15. Iznogood_DK

    How to upgrade to elite ship?

    I still have the Tallinn, but not fully upgraded, so I can't test it. But I'm certain you're right. (it happened to my Emile Bertin for some reason, wich probably is, that I researched (but never bought) La Galissonniere). Thanx