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  1. Berkots

    Twitch Prime Loot

    Yup, it's been quite a few hours and still nothing... Very strange... Guess I'll have to wait some more... Hope something comes through...
  2. Berkots

    Twitch Prime Loot

    I didn't get anything either... Glad that I am not the only one experiencing this issue... I've went crazy trying to fix it... First, I've claimed prizes ... Logged into game... Nothing.. Then I've started to follow "no prizes received troubleshooting instruction page" I've logged into my Wargaming account, un-linked twitch... Re-linked twitch... re-linked amazon prime to twitch... Claimed prizes... Logged into game... Still nothing... I wish Wargaming would post something on their page informing of the issues, so we all don't have to waste time trying to figure it out on our own.... If I didn't run into this thread, I would still be going nuts trying to resolve it from my end...