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    ships disappearing

    Thanks for the many detailed explanations on a part of the game that is quite cryptic and perhaps detracts from the fun of the game (my personal opinion). But what I still can't understand is how it is possible for a ship to approach me disappearing for a few seconds, (without smoke), and then suddenly reappearing (without smoke), always approaching me and then disappearing again (without smoke) and reappear again (the spotting distance should be shorter and shorter as it approaches me). Also, when my ship has already sunk, I follow the game and see ships that disappear for a long time and then reappear in an unrealistic position based on speed and time.
  2. Tequilasunrise_

    ships disappearing

    Hello everyone, there is one thing that bothers me a lot; very often I see ships that simply disappear! I am not referring to the use of smoke, ships in total absence of smoke that disappear for 1 minute or 2 and suddenly reappear 15-20-30 km away from where they were. I don't know if it's a software bug or some dishonest trick being applied. Also when smoke is applied, one would expect the ship to reappear within the perimeter of the smoke, but no, it reappears far away .... also the moment I see the ship disappear because it has emitted smoke, I should be able to ( luckily) hit if I shoot randomly inside the cloud, but no, it never happens ............ I think this is unrealistic and it damages the fun and loyalty of the game!