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  1. RAZOR_13_F1


    Yeah, I agree with this. Its kinda boring tho that the players kills the bots really fast. I play T5-6 and a match no longer lasts than 5-6 mins.
  2. RAZOR_13_F1

    Daily Login bonus

    Thank you! I haven't find it yet but now I see the list of daily rewards.
  3. RAZOR_13_F1

    New Daily Shipments

    Thank you Captain!
  4. RAZOR_13_F1

    Wait! What???

    Thats a joke son, don't you get in?
  5. RAZOR_13_F1

    New Daily Shipments

    Oh, thank you for the information. One more question: Does anyone know the day/month when these daily shipments will come back?
  6. RAZOR_13_F1

    New Daily Shipments

    So, I was wondering when will daily shipmets come back. If anyone knows some info I would be happy. :D
  7. RAZOR_13_F1

    Big Hunt UI bugged

    Same I had it two times and it was quiet annoying
  8. RAZOR_13_F1

    Weekly Combat Missions: April Fools' Day

    I've got it too but whats the Sealand?
  9. RAZOR_13_F1

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    This shocked me but I prefer Kong
  10. RAZOR_13_F1

    Armada: Habakkuk

    I kinda like this big boi, and I think its not an april joke just something new.
  11. Kinda interesting bug.
  12. The ship semms kinda good, so I think you should buy it
  13. RAZOR_13_F1

    Pretty rare ship to have

    Wow. I always wanted to get a ship from a box. Nice
  14. RAZOR_13_F1

    Some new codes

    All worked here, Thanks Sir!
  15. Ok. This shocked me. I was searching for near half an our with inventory word. Anyway Thank you very much. You helped me. :D