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    General CV related discussions.

    Thought today's event will be fun... but oh boy was I wrong. And yet despite getting nothing useful from SC's, losing in general, and special teammates running into my torpedoes, the one thing that I hated the most were CV's. Played a game as Yamato that already started hard. Somehow we were bringing it back on ship numbers, suddenly it is 6vs6. I am trying my hardest, 130k dmg and 4 kills. Meanwhile my team is getting crushed. Then the Midway comes for me for the first time in the game (I had around 40k hp left and no heals). First drop hits me for 18k+fire... can't do anything about it. He just comes again. Hits me for 10k and another 10k and I'm dead. And just for the game to troll me even further, right before I die the Midway just appears 10km in front of me. He just sails full broadside in front of a Yamato for no reason at all. Even if I devstruck him there with my last shot (which I didn't expect to) we probably lose, but I just wanted to hurt him a lot like he hurt me. I shoot. And I get 4 overpens. I just can't take it anymore so I vent in allchat. And the cv thinks he's smart and he goes ''EvER heArd OF aN ArmoREd FliGHt DEcK??'' Game ends and their cv is first place, completely crushing the game. Our cv is only man left standing on our team and is ninth. After I see their cv being clueless about armor and just randomly appearing in the middle of the map, while still topping the scoreboard, I already know what his profile will be. And sure enough, he has 48% overall wr while his Midway has 56% over 60 games. Amazing. Just learn to play pve and own! Amazing design for a multiplayer game. Where is the counterplay here WG? Good job, you will make DD's almost invisible with the new changes. What about slow BB's with no AA? What am I supposed to do against CV? Just accept slow death? Every single change I've seen has been geared towards dd's. When will I get something so that I won't just die if I get isolated as a BB? Not to say DD's don't deserve those changes of course. A few games later I played a game as Shimakaze. CV spots me. I have to smoke. He leaves fighters on top of me, so I am forced to remain in smoke. He comes back with another squadron and I'm still in smoke. Finally their Puerto Rico gets in range to radar and I'm dead. This isn't balanced. This isn't fun. This isn't satisfying. Obviously everything's already been said. CV's aren't balanced or fun to play against. I just needed to vent because for some reason I got tilted extra hard today. But WG doesn't care. Doing something like adding no-cv queue would just piss off paying customers. But wait, I hear you say! Aren't paying customers already pissed off because of the crap balancing? Well, here's where you are wrong. The truth is most people don't care. Because this game is not really a competitive game. Most people just press W at the start of the game, sail forward until they see an enemy, die like an idiot and complain about cowards on their team. They couldn't care less if this is the most imbalanced multiplayer game out there. They just like ships and collect them for fun. This is where I've made my mistake. I have a competitive streak, but if you try to actually get good at this game you will only start to hate it more. But I've learned now. I don't care anymore. I just regret the money (100€) that I spent to fund your incompetent dev team WG. So [edited]you WG. [edited]your lootboxes and balancing, and [edited]cvs. But hey, atleast we are getting like 5 ships with every new update. Because that's what this game really needs. More ships, even though the ones we have aren't balanced already.