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  1. The Fairy Tail Guild Welcomes You! We just started and we are looking for new, active, and regular players on our side! We are a casual clan who hopes to be a home for new and good friends in the future to share happiness and glory together. Requirements are : You must speak English " it's hard to communicate otherwise " You must have at least one Tier X ship or be close to getting one " Like grinding through one of the tier IXs " You must play 3 times a week at least and make sure you get 1-2 XP containers every time you play. Voice Communication isn't really required. We hope you find us interesting enough to join us . Remember we just started so we have a long way to go! Let's make a Nice , Friendly Community together!
  2. Caspian_Korwado

    HELP! I can't take it...

    it's already done this is the lowest it can ever get
  3. Caspian_Korwado

    HELP! I can't take it...

    I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU 3.30GHz with a Nvidia Geforce 210 GPU it's a pretty potato pc but I'm fine with how the game is preforming it's not as bad as one may think just that thing with CVs I don't get...
  4. Caspian_Korwado

    HELP! I can't take it...

    well that may be a part of it but that doesn't change the fact that the bug wasn't there before the update...
  5. Caspian_Korwado

    HELP! I can't take it...

    So remember that day when they said they'll do a UI change for Aircraft Carriers... when that day came by, I got this bug/glitch/whatever you may call it and I can't play the game with it because it crashes the game whenever I spend more than a minute in it... Not just for Attack Aircraft but for all The Squadrons. Torpedo bombers may be the least one because when I start the attack it continues normally but after that it goes back to that glitchy/buggy thing
  6. Caspian_Korwado

    PT 0.9.10 - Big Hunt: Key to Victory!

    See the gamemode is really good , i loved the idea but the only thing that bothered me is when you is when you enter the portal with a division mate the game doesn't leave the division for you , you have to leave yourself or else you can't damage the other guy it sucked when i lost 3 games because of it