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  1. kurskrevenge

    xp lost? once ship sold?

    Hi I have to say everyone has been so helpful. Recently discovered u can convert xp to free xp or vice versa etc looks like a ripp off. Anyway when i sell a ship should i convert the xp the ship has built up first before i sell or does the xp automatically be accommodated? Any all expert advice is greatly appreciated. Kind regards.
  2. Hi another question from a new player wanting to progress if i sell a ship will i have to research it again in order to progress? For example i have in consecutive order Bellerophon then Orion then iron duke I want to sell both orion and bellerophon and than go on to buy Queen Elizabeth will i have to re research the ships ive sold to progress etc? I REALLY appreciate your expert advice. Kind regards.
  3. kurskrevenge

    ships vanish???

    Thank you very much for your detailed description i understand about islands and smoke but the I am just getting fed up with navigating carefully for then suddenlt all full battery of torpedos come out of nowhere??//
  4. kurskrevenge

    ships vanish???

    i thought the philly experiment was the one being sarcastic the ship that disappeared
  5. kurskrevenge

    100's of special signals?????

    Hi another question should i be selling my ships to free up space or do players keep them all? Also i look at other players' ports and they have hundreds of signals and hundreds of special signals, how do u get that good, do i have to go all the way up the tech tree for every nation so far ive just chosen 3 nations as i cant afford the space or time to climb the tech tree of each nation. Do i have to spend loads of money? which missions are the best to get the serious rewards so sorry for the salvo of questions, i promise i wont go on asking again. Basically which is the best course of action.? Kindest regards.
  6. kurskrevenge

    ships vanish???

    Thank u so very much.
  7. kurskrevenge

    xp points

    Thank you kindly.
  8. kurskrevenge

    ships vanish???

    Hi why do some boats just simply vanish whilst u are shooting at them then just by magic reappear without smoke or anything? I'M knew obviously. kind regards, and thank you.
  9. kurskrevenge

    xp points

    Any help with my question i will be so grateful.
  10. kurskrevenge

    xp points

    Hi im new pls help I would really appreciate it. Why on some games my ship simply scores a citadel and than crashes into another ship killing us both game ends i get 796 xp. Than on another game there are 7 ships and only me in my destroyer left i destroy all ships and as the game ends im awarded with only 27 xp? What does one need to do to score the high numbers? Any advice would be really appreciated. Kind regards.