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    [GERS] Laidback Clan looking for new recruits

    Hiya Guys If anyone reads this....... We're a laidback clan who won't drive you mad to be online around the clock but like to compete in Clan Battles and events when the numbers are available. We've been up and running for quite a while and have a reasonably well developed Naval Base that generates some decent extra percentages on your resources. The guys are always available to help and advise newer players on what might work for them as well as always being open to suggestions. We don't have many rules so all we ask is..... You have Discord, because communication is a big bonus in events and allows us to alert everyone to bonus codes etc etc and anything else that can help us as individuals and as a group You enable Naval Battles every week as they cost nothing to be involved in but are good for the clan as a whole You play at least once a week (unless you're on holiday and then just let us know and your space will be safe) Please give us a shout if you have any questions Cheers Paul