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    Discussion about the Thunderer

    I played a random match in my thunderer this morning. It was my first t10 ship and then I got the kremlin. In all, these are my only t10 ships. According to 3rd party stats, reverse phone lookup I am a below average player, barely even touched average I guess. Even by wows profile stats, my WR is 50% last time I checked (a few days ago) and I am certain I have yet to hit the 2k battles mark. nba reddit I racked up nearly 300k dmg on the thunderer today. How is it possible that this ship is not being removed from the armory?? pcpartpicker At the hands on my noob [edited]I racked up so much damage and got 6 achievements. Mind you the game I’m talking about was a lemmigtrain from the start. I just wanted to see what y’all have to say about this.