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  1. AldoRiono

    Commander Ashley Violet

    Anybody else concerned at all with the way more and more applications, games, or systems, and wanting you to link to other ones? Or are most people just accepting of it?
  2. AldoRiono

    New comer

    If you clicked on a referral invitation link before creating your account, you should start of with a premium tier 2 ship Diana Lima. When you reach tier 5 (or maybe 6?) you should get a bunch of credits and the tier 6 premium ship Warspite. That's how i've read it anyway. Unfortunately I did not use an invitation link when I started, just created my account through wows normally. Did you create your account a long time ago and come back? or did you maybe not click an invitation link before creating your account? Do you have a ship at tier 5 / 6 yet?
  3. AldoRiono

    New comer

    You click an invite link, and then create an account from there. Don't create the account before it.
  4. AldoRiono

    New comer

    Premium ships usually give a hefty bonus to credit generation. If, when making your wows account, you use a referral link you get some credits and when you reach t5, you get a t6 Warspite premium ship. I just wish I had used a link before I started. Ah well. :D I prefer playing around tiers 5-6, though I don't have any premium ships above t3 (well actually now I have Mikoyan thanks to the Directives). Good balance of credits / expenditure for me. When I get better i'll spend more time playing higher tier I expect. Have fun!
  5. AldoRiono

    Free stuff hidden in the news

    Somehow I feel like I betrayed myself.
  6. AldoRiono

    New-ish guy in town

    All the best, I hope you find something enjoyable! As for wows, I enjoy playing tiers 2 to 6. It suits my skill level... which is sadly not too great yet. I'm getting better at hitting things though!
  7. AldoRiono

    Memorial Marathon Codes

    I can't get the last two to work. Invalid code. :(
  8. AldoRiono

    New-ish guy in town

    If you used someone's friend link either to open an account, or to return after a long period, Warspite is given to you for free upon reaching tier VI. You also get a bunch of credits and so on. Naturally I wish I had known this before I started the other month. :D
  9. AldoRiono

    New-ish guy in town

    I started with the British CL line. Most people say not to start with Brit ships. :D However, I *really* enjoy the CL line. I am currently on Leander which is such a massive improvement on the earlier ones. I have unlocked the Fiji, but I don't have enough credits to buy it and fit it with modules yet, so i'm just plugging away earning credits. Make use of the premium time before it runs out. I always seem to get it at the worst possible time... like when PTS (Test server) opens. Anyway, I really enjoy the Brit CLs, fairly quick, agile, holds speed when turning, fast acceleration, smoke, heal. I also played Minotaur (t10 CL on brit line) on PTS and it is amazing. So is Lightning (t8 RN DD), though the slog to get to Lightning is tough going, nothing before it even comes close to how fun it is. Jervis is... closer. Don't spend your doubloons >.< I wasted my starting ones changing ship xp into free xp because I didn't understand how unlocking ships worked. Duh. So now i'm trying to save (very slowly) for a Dasha captain. :D
  10. It's not EU ships only. A few of the missions require an EU ship, but just do the others if you want. I don't have any t8 ships yet, probably won't for awhile now that my premium time is running out.
  11. AldoRiono

    Bonus Mission - Twitch Drops 0.9.3

    I hoped to get the Perth, but sadly I didn't. Ah well. Maybe there'll be another ship in future I want. :D