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  1. Gebbly

    Black captain shortage

    Its perfectly natural when someone plays any sort of game to want to identify a little with the character they play. For example when I play boardgames with my little neice she likes to be the female character whoever that is. The name someone gives a commander and the picture they see in their port makes no difference to my enjoyment of the game so I dont see why I would object. Surely the easiest solution (for the free random commanders that are not actual historical figures) is to allow players to import pictures to be commander avatars and then allow the player to set the commander name. No-one other than the person on that account is affected in anyway. And with the ability to import your own pictures any group can be represented as you see fit on your account.
  2. Gebbly

    Does this happen to you?

    You dont HAVE to rush to the top tier. If you enjoy playing ships at a particular tier theres nothing wrong with sticking with it. I personally have the most fun at tiers 6-8 so thats mostly where I play.
  3. A tiny bit of advice. If you really want to learn to play destroyers I would say the most important youtube channel is Destroyer KuroshioKai. He plays huge amounts of destroyer games and explains everything. All his choices and tactics as he plays. A "must-see" for all destroyer captains.
  4. I expect WGs hope was to create a new revenue stream, getting people to spend real money to buy credits and then buy things like coal. However I think the players will fit into 1 of 3 categories : 1. Dont have the credits to spend. I am in the same camp as Onsterfelijke in that every time I get a new ship and its mods I pretty much spend all my saved up credits. So have nothing to spend on coal. 2. Those who do not like certain current behaviours of WG and refuse to spend any money on them in any way on principle. 3. Those that have played the game long enough that they have all the ships they want in their port and the credits are just stock-piling with nothing to spend them on. So any chance to make use of, what for them is a useless number in the corner of the screen, will be taken. This will probably result in those that have played for years with a large stockpile of credits paying large amounts and nobody else bothering.
  5. I dont think I have seen anything about an actual ban happening. Closest info I could find is the response made to Mr Clear Sky : WorldOfWarships (reddit.com)
  6. Sounds like an over powered ship to me if its that important. Nerf those carriers. Getting blapped just because an enemy plane spotted you is exactly what happens to every other ship. Why should a carrier be any different. Its not an island airfield turn the engine on. ...by griefing everyone else.
  7. Gebbly

    furutaka perma camo looks alittle scuffed

    I'd take it over my permacamo. I managed to get Furutaka with permacamo during the Christmas event. Its nice having permacamo but all those huge snowflakes painted on the ship....yeeesh. And of course the commander wishes me happy christmas every time I start a battle in her.
  8. Some battleship player made a posting a little while ago that they wanted games without destroyers. Surely the opening posters game would be heaven for people like that. Just them and dakka dakka planes :)
  9. Gebbly

    What to buy with coal? Ship or commander?

    Sadly only for USN, RN, KM and Pan-Asian. Unless I've missed something.
  10. Gebbly

    Commander questions

    Ah yes I see. I was hoping to get lucky and find him in the first or second container but if each container contains 2 collectibles and I need 16 collectibles to complete the set and get Jack that means a minimum of 8 crates and probably a bunch more. Something that has only just dawned on me (sleepy potato). The ability descriptions on the wiki page state "reduces cooldown on these consumables -12.5% (normally -10%)". I had thought that as well as whatever you spend skill points in you *also* get their abilities but on rereading you have to spend skill points in the particular skill like Consumables Specialist and its a slightly better version of the skill. If you havent spent skill points on it you get no perk. Oh well scratch that idea then.
  11. Gebbly

    Commander questions

    General consensus is not too blow such huge amounts of coal. Thats really interesting because I can get a few hundred coal every day by doing the combat missions so every few days try a container and see if I get Jack Dunkirk. Thanks
  12. Gebbly

    Commander questions

    Hi All, I was just looking at the commanders in the Armoury as I am slowly building a store of coal. Standard commanders can be moved from one ship type to another but must stay within their nation. Is this the same with commanders you buy from the Armoury or can the purchased commanders be used with any nation? Assuming commanders have to be applied to the correct nation I was just looking at what is available for the British Destroyers : Bert Dunkirk(1500 doubloons) : Faster Turret traverse (+20%) and longer action on the smoke and hydro (+12.5%) seem pretty handy for a British destroyer Andrew Cunningham(175,000 coal) : Consumables +1, speed +5%, main battery and torpedo reload -10% all nice to have but need to be triggered to be active. I notice that Bert Dunkirk is a "Seasoned Commander" but Andrew Cunningham is a "Unique Commander". If Bert Dunkirk is *not* "Unique" does that mean I could have several Bert Dunkirk commanders on ships? Are the purchased commanders worth it for the British Destroyers? I have about another 70k coal to collect before I could get Andrew Cunningham.
  13. Gebbly

    Flamuu Vs Wows aftermath

    Does the Mighty Jingles stream? He's pretty popular (and always good for a laugh).
  14. Gebbly

    Lightening to Jutland, what to expect?

    AP wont work at angles and HE cant penetrate even a DD? That sounds like its going to be a problem. I remember seeing a youtube video a while ago (was it Notser?) where they said you had to take IFHE or just couldnt do any damage to anyone bow in to you.
  15. Gebbly

    Lightening to Jutland, what to expect?

    Sorry Montrala, I'm a little unclear there. Superstructure gives overpens but dont aim low on hull like for citadels, so....aim for the deck line?