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  1. Itwastuesday

    Tier X ships you own and hate?

    I have the most of them and think they're garbage. Only hate a few, tho. Most of the cruisers are absolute garbage scowls with no purpose. Most DD's can't stand up to the overpowered Smålands/Marceaus/ etc and are thus unplayable. CV:s are more or less fine except nerfhofen sucks. And battleships. Most battleships are quite fine. I only hate schlieffen, cololbo and kremlin.
  2. Itwastuesday

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I try Delny for the first time. Killed Z-46 and encountered the rest of their destroyers one by one. Unfortunately I also encountered the loss screen
  3. Itwastuesday

    Steamrolls even in cruiser brawls

    Hardly suprising since cruisers are glass cannons. Cruiser v Cruiser brawl sounds pretty miserable tbh.
  4. Itwastuesday

    Druid, Forest Sherman or Ragnar?

    Well if you have Friesland/Gröningen you can test how much you would like Sherman. Personally I find it worse and prefer Elbing or Khabarovsk for T10.
  5. Itwastuesday

    Need more HE spam ships in the game

    HE isn't easy enough. Need premium ammo that can't shatter on armor. Just removes a set amount of HP no matter where it hits! Don't really care about HE spam personally, though. Battleship superstructure can arm battleship caliber AP, so armor is meaningless anyway. Mostly it sucks for cruisers because they can't tank each other at all (nor can they tank some desteoyers).
  6. Itwastuesday

    Anniversary super container haul

    37 containers 3k dubs 30k coal 1.5k steel A pile of premium time, I think three times 30 and a few 7's 50k fxp A pile of flags and bonuses Pretty meh I suppose. Just a bit more coal or steel and I could have had a ship.
  7. Itwastuesday

    Lag and continuous micro-freezing

    Yeah this was substantial for reducing the heat by 10 degrees, but still I keep getting the same stutters. I'm going to conclude it's an internet problem.
  8. Itwastuesday

    Lag and continuous micro-freezing

    I think the AMD software has a setting for that actually. I'll try 60
  9. Itwastuesday

    Lag and continuous micro-freezing

    Hm, I shall try to adjust the fan speeds. Thanks.
  10. Itwastuesday

    Lag and continuous micro-freezing

    I keep having these stutters too and fluctuating fps periodically. Mostly fps stays at 90-ish and ping at 33 but in most matches I get these small freezes and FPS drops to 40 after for a few seconds. I had this on previous GPU and now the one I just installed last week (RX580)
  11. Itwastuesday

    Changing your flank

    Yeah. It's like, you need to consider... everything. Make the call based on all things, preferably five minutes ago.
  12. Itwastuesday

    Will not play a broken game

    The heck? I can't even tell what's supposed to be different about the camera but certainly it was worth breaking gunnery for :D
  13. Itwastuesday

    ASW is useless

    I'll just leave this here
  14. Itwastuesday

    ASW is useless

    Uh, why. Any normal ship can come under fire by 12 ships and the damage output of those is not limited. A cruiser can lose all of it's HP to a random battleship salvo.
  15. Itwastuesday

    The state of Zao in 2022

    Taking the fight is not the only decision the DD can make, but only the DD can make the decision. But enough of this offtopic. You can certainly play the Zao for torps. Nothing else about it stands out after all. I suspect it's how it has been balanced, or at least if you take out the massive torpedo broadside away the ship is simply inexcusable.