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  1. Itwastuesday

    good CW players, we need your help

    You could trade a DD for a BB if that allows your cruiser to screw up their DD, but seems risky.
  2. Itwastuesday

    Skill for secondary builds suggestion

    Something they could do is make secondary battery spec a ramping threat where the accuracy increases the longer the secs are shooting at the same target. Something like the gunners can judge the distance better by the proximity of splashes? A target, especially a destroyer, could then make a call of if they can take it or not, and perhaps being revealed too close to a secs battleship would be terrible if you didn't have the means to either sink it quickly or disengage.
  3. Itwastuesday

    Battleship Odin

    Okay, well, since you can't get Odin anyway, just get any of : - Scharnhorst (money) - Gneisenau (techtree) - Tirpiz (money) - Pommern (coal) Other than missing Hydro for the first three and being somewhat larger and clumsier for Pommern, you'll get a similar experience. Being that brawling German battleships are in a questionable state, I'd recommend just grinding to Gneisenau for no money/coal cost and see if you like it.
  4. Itwastuesday

    Cruiser Rework??

    I'm kinda torn on overmatch, on one hand angling should be rewarded, on the other BB is supposed to counter cruiser and you can see just how ineffective ships like Montana and Kurfurst are at everything largely because of their inability to even screw cruisers. I'd just probably make it a function of penetration (and with that, of course, distance). I feel like all cruisers regardless of tier could have heals and nothing would be broken.
  5. Itwastuesday

    Wishlishts for WG

    I'll sort of half-second this, I'd really want a WW1 mode.
  6. Itwastuesday

    Concealment Builds for Hindenberg?

    This is the tophat monocle build of making plays
  7. Itwastuesday

    Wishlishts for WG

    1) The visual styles of maps is fine as it is, and personally I couldn't tell if they're based on actual real world locations, but like Trap or Shards for example, that asymmetrical design, bunch of different islands, all means there's places to go for different kinds of ship, where maps like Okinawa or Two Brothers feel like places for open water snipers and nothing else. 2) Dunno, perhaps lock the caps for a while as the game starts so that an afk destroyer doesn't autolose the game for you, perhaps change something about it so that the destroyers aren't stuck in the middle. Maybe maps slightly more covered in terrain would help? 3) There are so many temporary camos that look great... Like shadow lurker, the autobot camo, red soul. Heck, I can't even remember what the best ones were, I have run out so long ago. 4) Yes, I'd like to play monday and tuesday. 5, That's true I suppose.
  8. Itwastuesday

    A tier 8 and tier 9 keeper

    That, and for example the christmas tree camo is hilariously ugly.
  9. Itwastuesday

    Wishlishts for WG

    Yeah that's completely true. Still, I think it'd be good if something about at least the lower tier cruisers would make them attractive to newbies.
  10. Itwastuesday

    Wishlishts for WG

    Or make cruiser more appealing, perhaps fixing many of the cruiser lines or a mechanics overhaul, or something. A big draw to battleship and destroyer is devastating strikes, at least for me. Most cruisers just watch their number go up steadily.
  11. Itwastuesday

    Wishlishts for WG

    Getting new premiums and subs and whatnot is nice and all, but there's some things that I wonder if we couldn't get. Like maybe : A new set of maps better balanced per tier, perhaps there's a bunch of people out there who love Two Brothers for example but I find it to be a miserable map at T9... Better Standard Battle and better Epicenter, perhaps even another gamemode? Some of the nicer looking camos as permanent camos, and maybe better permanent camos statwise anyway? How about expanding the schedule for ranked/clan battles, I'm sure I'm not the only weekend dad for whom this current schedule cuts out most of that... The ability to name commanders or even ships would be cool, even if others wouldn't be able to see them. That's about all that I have been thinking of that's not just some game mechanics or balance things. What are your wishlists like?
  12. Itwastuesday


    What does being a CC mean anyway?
  13. Itwastuesday

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Enemy CV focus me so I'm stuck behind island. Can't even shoot for most of the match. But fine. Shoot planes then, whatever. Huh. And look at that, our CV also focus their Drake? Is this normal?
  14. Itwastuesday

    A tier 8 and tier 9 keeper

    Looks like he has Missouri anyway!
  15. Itwastuesday

    A tier 8 and tier 9 keeper

    Yeah, sure, but he did specify fun ships and I think Iowa is one option. If you go by best I'd say Kitakaze too.