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  1. Dragontrn

    A Co-op only clan

    Be careful, mod will say this is stats shaming
  2. 90% ship spawned at A and only 1 ship decide to go to A to help us, WG never fail to suprise me
  3. Dragontrn

    Are we actually getting deadeye rework?

    I appreciate your comment, but why you didn't say anything when the first thread say about DE is gonna get change in 3-4 weeks and deny that on the last moment ?
  4. Dragontrn

    1 unique (one time) Token to buy any ship

    This is reasonable, i like this idea but not OP's idea, we already have a lot of new players spending money for high tier without knowing any basic of the game. But wait, it gonna be the rise of auto bot
  5. Dragontrn

    Had to share...Chuffed to bits!

    Damn man, i'm jealous, anyways, congrat mate, you should buy a lottery ticket to try your luck
  6. Dragontrn

    1 unique (one time) Token to buy any ship

    OP is always come with his genius idea and force people to agree with him . If you are not, he will bite back, just like my nephew because he thinks he is center of the universe
  7. Dragontrn

    Are we actually getting deadeye rework?

    So it means maybe next month or maybe next year right ?
  8. Dragontrn

    Let's get back to the sky aiming for one moment, shall we?!

    There are at least 3 thread like this has been closed by Mods, since you confirmed it a bug then why does that happen ?
  9. Dragontrn

    Sky aiming as presented by Yuro

    Mod gonna close this thread again
  10. Dragontrn

    How about no WG?

    WG still counting money and they forgot to pay for sms service
  11. Dragontrn

    A Co-op only clan

    Nah, you have to report them, there is no such anti cheating whatsoever. =))) They tried to avoid as much as possible
  12. Dragontrn

    AFKs in ranked

    And why your developers don't make an anti-cheat program to detect third party software, to prevent people exploit ?
  13. Dragontrn

    congrats we gee

    It't like he wants to do off-road but buy Lamborghini instead
  14. Dragontrn

    Thunderer HE spam

    I suggest you to stop talking about things you don't know about, AP is never a problem when people play smart, you can angle to minimal the dmg, dont forget you have to aim in specific areas to max DMG, but HE is brain dead, you deal dmg everywhere including fire GEt you into t10 BB in PVP and then we talk, you haven't experienced it yet so...
  15. Dragontrn

    Thunderer HE spam

    Dont show your broadside