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  1. The DM UU remarks say it will use slot 6 but in the dev blog they said they will move it to slot 5 with a choice of replacement to the concealment (ST 0.9.5, unique upgrades update - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com)) 1: Is it a mistake in the writing? or it is slot 6 2: What happens if I use this UU with Propulsion modification 1 in slot 3? they both say the same (Time taken to reach full engine power when accelerating -50%) will I get -75% or the DM will turn into a Tesla performance model.
  2. raz207

    Smaller Teams for Random Games ?

    I'm for Free world where you can roam and fight on endless maps, get healed in ports you cap, create fleets, fight for resources much more fun than 20 min battle which 10 min is usually garbage time
  3. Just dont pay. If enough players will not buy stupid crates and ships for hundreds of euros they will rethink the strategy, now it works, people buy and feeds the monster
  4. raz207

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Putting T8 and T9 together doesn't work, I can see a Queue of Musashis waiting to run over the crowd
  5. If everyone uses it it's a feature not a cheat
  6. It's like asking a restaurant waiter what she thinks is good and get the most expensive dish on the menu that she was ordered to push to clients by the chef
  7. Well my spreadsheet shows my wife expenses are balanced but she keep hitting me with unexpected results... Now for the rework I'm have just given up, it's useless, they have built it in away you will have to spend money or absurdly amount of time, even if you reach 21 point, how will you train it for a new ship? U will have no flexibility without spending money.
  8. raz207

    how does reporting work?

    OHHH yes there is.
  9. I think they may need some new skills next update, lets suggest a few: 4 pt. Skill - Rock smasher - BB Skill - Fires AP goes through islands for 20sec 2pt. Skill - Flying torper - CV skill - extend your flying torps to 20Km, So u can use your pre drop to ship those torps from far away again and again 3pt Skill - Smoke blinder - CV skill to drop smoke bombs on enemies making them blind for 120 sec 4pt Kill - Noisy farmer - If you create more than 10 fires on the enemy ships you change the battle sound of your enemy to the mother Russia anthem.
  10. Yes just go over 50 games....and look for it. I rather spend my time opening crates
  11. Had a game with 4 on each side, played Yama RIP burnt to death. Had tens of fires, felt like calling the fire department, most game i was with 2 fires and up. Just impossible to play
  12. raz207

    NoZoups easy deadeye skill counterplay!

    and not a word about how much time and money u need to invest, well Im a CC so who cares...
  13. Yes, you can have that in our super premium account, or our silver and gold credit card members. It has a monthly cost of 1350 suclouns its a new currency will introduce later this year to have a more diverse and flexible way to extract money from our dumb clients
  14. Played 8000 games have 19k steel probably played all existing missions in one year. if U dont play clan battles your chances of ever having enough steel is slim. I gave up on steal ships. For coal I bought with coupons Pommern Georgia and now i will buy thunderer with Coal+Steal like u, it will be in 10.1 so you have a few weeks. im not waiting cause i dont care about steel anymore