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  1. raz207

    Important message to the Player Community

    There was a war in between that changed everything, they had to leave the development company so i don't think it's a year they can do anything, on the other side premiums and subs keep pumping out so i don't know ...
  2. raz207

    Server Down

    Is it planned? I was kicked in the middle of a battle
  3. raz207

    Clan Battles rating bug.

    The screen result don't change, We can only play Alpha and We won 3 out of 5 battles in the struggle and were not promoted to Storm, WTF
  4. raz207

    Update 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    Hard to aim like that, came speeding into the island....
  5. Who cares about the reporting system, its broken like this whole game. they give you an option to report something that means nothing, does nothing. So why even bother report anyone?
  6. raz207

    About AA...

    Just dodge
  7. raz207

    General CV related discussions.

    from 10.11 For convenience in interacting with aircraft and maintaining the progression through ship tiers, we have standardized the characteristics of all carrier-based and patrol fighters, including those carried by Premium and special ships. So CAT Fighters are now 7.5? Or I'm missing something
  8. raz207

    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    SUBS are OP and completly changed the game, now they are mostly played by noobs or by players who don't know anything about it. in a month when Unicom will have perfect theory on how to play them it will be the end of BBs and it will be a game of find the Sub or lose the game
  9. raz207

    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    There u go WG, u finally found your target audience. players with 700 games are now "Submarine players"
  10. raz207

    Pls Nerf FDR

    FDR complains are not relevant any more. Please REPLACE all FDR mentions with the word IMMELMAN
  11. raz207

    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    Should i repair the fire from HE spam and get pinged and torped or should I repair the ping when the torps come and die from HE spam or Fire from Immelman Skip bombs... Really can't decide how i want to die
  12. raz207

    Update 0.10.9 - Submarines in Random Battles

    GG Random GG this game
  13. raz207

    5 fires using Serov on Arizona

    NVIDIA NOW is a cloud based service, i don't have the game installed. so no replays guys
  14. raz207

    5 fires using Serov on Arizona

    I play using Nvidia Now so nop. believe me I looked for that game but not possible, It sucks. I guess they will find this bug somewhere in the future
  15. raz207

    5 fires using Serov on Arizona

    No replay. I'm 100% sure 5 fires on one ship