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  1. TunaRoll

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    They dont want to change the game for the better, it is clealry against their strategic view of how the the should be. The best thing one can do is stop spending money and to move on. There are awesome, fair and cheaper games out there. We dont have to sit with WoWs and wait until its completely broken by WG.
  2. TunaRoll

    Soviet Cvs

    Yep, that is the only way! First these unbalanced submarine test iterations, then hybrids and dutch cruisers with their air attacks, now russian fictional CVs. WG is literally ASKING their veterans to leave their game. They dont want us anymore, they want fresh blood which has zero clue about what is actually going on. Thats the strategy behind it.
  3. TunaRoll

    Soviet Cvs

    So true...that is actually an 0 IQ move by WG. Either that or they are just blatantly ignorant (which they are, i guess).
  4. TunaRoll

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    That is HOW you destroy your own game, lmao. Such an ignorant and greedy developer :D.
  5. TunaRoll

    Please return flags for achievments

    True, stop giving them money is the ONLY language they (want to) talk.
  6. TunaRoll

    Please return flags for achievments

    Yep, thats true. Thats how greedy and fucked up their business model ist. Its literally an equivalent to gold ammo and pure P2W. Its gets worse and worse...
  7. TunaRoll

    Langsames entfernen der Free Xp Schiffe???

    Jup, hier gehts nicht um Battle Performance oder Popularity, hier geht es rein ums Marketing. Vermutlich kann man jetzt die Schwesterschiffe Rodney, Deutschland, etc für teuer Geld verkaufen.
  8. TunaRoll

    Die neue Qualität der Spieler...

    Genau nach WGs Geschmack. WG versucht auf Biegen und Brechen die Veteranen zu vertreiben und diese mit einer neuen, Pay-to-Progress/Win/Participate-Fraktion von Spielern zu ersetzen. Im ranked sind heute ein Haufen frischer Spieler mit Premiumschiffen rumgefahren. Es findet ein forcierter Generationswechsel statt, schließlich muss neues Geld in die Kasse und neue, ahnungslose Spieler lassen sich am besten ausnehmen. Business by WG.
  9. TunaRoll

    Upcoming Haida removal

    Yep, thats the sneaky business by WG. Lying around about the "popularity" and "battle performance" (Graf Spee...lol) and then try to sell something new that is almost the same. Producing a problem or specific situation, selling the solution. Greedy as usual...
  10. TunaRoll

    RNG not really rng

    100% true.
  11. TunaRoll

    Please return flags for achievments

    Thats how WG is doing its sneaky business...they always try to produce problems and suddenly, you have to pay (or play a ton of games to farm) to solve them. Its the worst kind of business a company can do.