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  1. really????? it was working fine for me up until last update
  2. Base XP not working but this sometimes happens till new log is made
  3. all working now,updated,all analized just fine
  4. my fingers are still crossed lol,thanks
  5. anybody else having issues since release of 0.10.5?????
  6. Does anybody know if it is possible that once I have minimized the width of the LH log column I can then "lock it to this width" rather than having to minimize it every time?
  7. The link will not even open for me at all
  8. Not sure if I am causing problems this end by cotinually on a daily basis "updating" modstation as this seems to cause "mxstat" to hang up. any ideas?
  9. Same this end and also crashing. I have to close mxStat via Task manageer
  10. MBF,TF and base XP not showing since release of 0.10.0.......... sure it will be fixed soon
  11. mxstat-0.9.12-20201230-147 working well at my end