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  1. totally broken for me since I did first supership battle the days/logs update but no error message and just shows mouse as egg timer Ok it has sorted itself out now,not sure what the problem was but working fine now
  2. Deep61

    [D61] clan is now recuiting

  3. 2 x COOP's div'd up with a clan buddy playing a CV got it easily,just went straight for the CV once he spotted it for me
  4. 2 more CV's to get then I have all five open cheevo's bloody snipers
  5. Deep61

    Important message for the community

    We really need to see a lot more action as opposed to continual apologies,though I musts say this is by far the biggest apology as yet,so lets hope now we get action of the same volume WATCH THIS SPACE
  6. Deep61

    BSOD after PC goes to sleep

    sounds to me like you nailed it by updating your drivers
  7. I never realised the bids would be so high,I will know better next time
  8. Deep61

    Frequently not showing battle results?

    happens even without CV's
  9. 14 out of 14 in NAVAL BATTLES
  10. Deep61

    Public Test 0.10.6 - Bug Reports

    PTS worked well for me last night