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  1. Eikkuu

    General Submarines related discussions

    Something l don't get it, why and how submarine can yolo a ship at like 2km and torp them and get out ?? Why the torps don't have like 5 or 6 km activation distance for the torps ? It's can be why more better to remove this yolo way like the slingshot for the CVs, because yolo sub is for sure not the submarine gameplay.
  2. Nice ideas, I love it. I really love the reduce citadels damage against cruisers, too much overmatch in the game now...
  3. Eikkuu


    To be honest this mode sucks stay away from this
  4. Eikkuu


    Only TXI vs TXI in random battle mode
  5. Eikkuu

    Best Tier 10 russian cruiser

    Moskva is the best russian cruisers for me, due to her polyvalent. She have a good balance with her HE/AP, reload, accurancy and ok range Good radar, better then Petro and Stalingrad Very good HP pool and good armor BUT She have a bad concealment Big citadel Bad maneuverability With her don't be scary to take your position before firing or take any informations about the ennemies position She don't have good AP shell like Petro and Stalingrad, don't be scary to "spam HE" and use AP on broadside ennemies ships Don't be scray to kite if needed but alway take care of where your ennemies is That my Moskva build l use in Clan battle and ranked
  6. Eikkuu

    Ca commence à bien faire les joueurs de sous-marins

    Sadly j'ai envie de dire, mais WG sont toujours comme d'habitude très consentant et a l'écoute sur sa Courage
  7. Eikkuu

    How good is game with CVs and subs... ??!!

    Well my two last game Daring vs United State Guepard vs 2 sub WG just don't care of this game anymore
  8. Eikkuu

    Techtree ships for dubloons now? Really?

    They already sell the NC with her camo for a collab (and Amagi too if l remember).
  9. Eikkuu

    Départ vers de nouveaux horizons

    Merci pour tout Tanatoy !
  10. US one for begin then Japan. For premium Kaga is very good, sadly Enterprise is not available.
  11. Eikkuu

    Bureau de recherche : lequel choisir ?

    Perso Ohio
  12. Eikkuu

    ISE in da shop

    Ise look weaker then people think
  13. Eikkuu

    ISE in da shop

    Yes only Hood and Ise have AA rockets
  14. Eikkuu

    ISE in da shop

    For me it's maybe the hardest T6 BB to play