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  1. aystaklos

    no lag no freeze what is it?????

    take a look what happen to my key battle 20201112_142946_PXSC101-Hindenburg-H2020_e10_FreshGameplay_2020.wowsreplay
  2. aystaklos

    wargaming must be proud for so lag

  3. aystaklos

    you can't play with this lag

    its the first time that happen this issue after the last update 20201001_233116_PGSC107-Yorck_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  4. the problem issue by the end everything updated cool pad but still thk you wargaming 20200918_120755_PGSB107-Gneisenau_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay 20200918_115419_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  5. aystaklos

    detonation with one torp to kur!!!!!

    can you tell me how tthis happen !!! eith one torp in the back of the ship half HP and have detonation 20200830_183908_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  6. aystaklos

    for one more time laggggggggg

    before 1 week i was having the issue only to the first game i played now it's in every game speak with the company the last 3 months no solution having everything updated, the game in exceptions, the tcp,udp in exceptions no lack my pc windows 10 63 bit ram 4gb nvidia mx110 when i start from 20/1/20 until march have no problem at all. after the big update on march (or april) start having this issue thk you 20200815_133836_PRSC104-Svetlana_04_Archipelago.wowsreplay
  7. aystaklos

    too much to airpcrafts

    they give too much advance to aircrafts (airplanes) one aircraft by it self can win a game even there ar 3 ships for the other side they give too much to airplanes (like 8 torps, 12 rockets explosive bombs, stealth) and no AA to ships poor AA comparing eith the airplanes extras in the end this will be a game of DDs and aircrafts all the other ships are there to fill the teams
  8. aystaklos

    and the lag continues

    i am having a ssd and a hdd @ThePurpleSmurf
  9. aystaklos

    and the lag continues

    the same issue and again after the last update. its not the pc it happens random not every game last day i palyed 3 hours straight nothing happens today first game same old lag it;s not only me if the company can't fix it let's say it i communicate with the wargaming the last 3 months so that issue and no luck. i5 - 8265 ram 4 gb nvidia mx110 windows 10 64 bit don't tell that is the ram or the pc because it would be like that in every game this while you see starts and last for about 3 mins and then finish so its not the pc 20200625_195204_PGSB108-Bismarck_53_Shoreside.wowsreplay
  10. aystaklos

    0.9.5 massive lag

    i am having this issue the last 3 months.chaniging mails with the company. last one was to change resolution to 1600*900 to windowed mode and graphics to low or very low
  11. aystaklos

    torps from nowhere

    as you can see to the video the only ship that is straight to me is the dm donskoi it has torps range 8km and 55 knts it never go under 14km. if you see from the video the torps are coming a little from the left but no ship went that side and so close. so where the torps come from and so fast 20200611_190548_PGSB109-Friedrich-der-Grosse_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  12. aystaklos

    terrible AA

    took bismark hull b with 40 AA still can;t take a change againg airplanes have Mutsu the same have gneis the same it the end it;s better to purchase a dd to throw torps everywhere (since even you have a 10 tier BB you have no change again a VI dd) or a aircraft a throw bombs and torps all over the map since they can harm you only in the beginning. by the middle of the game and after it's 90% to find a ship by it shelf for 10secs and blow it i think the BBs in finale are the worst ships that you can have for that game
  13. aystaklos

    wows freezes and "not responding"

    i reinstall everything from the begining.now i join faster the game but after while the fps drop down to 15-16 and everything freezes i check my connection with my isp and everything ok i have my graphics in low, nvidia cpu on for the game, nothing useless runs
  14. aystaklos

    wows freezes and "not responding"

    my hdd is by 80% empty and i have and a ssd but all these started 3-4 days ago before that everything was ok
  15. hi, as you can see from the video i have theese problems the last 4 days. i stuck to the screen before the game starts, and when i finally enter it passes 2-3 mins from the begining of the game plus all these freezes that i have i also send all the videos to the company and told me to update everything, unistall and reinstall the client. the specs of the laptop is hp laptop i5 - 8265 (i have core temp and none of them go very warm) ram 4gb (the game while running takes about 89-92%) nvidia mx110 windows 10 64 bit i have updated everything but still the same problem (i choose the game to run in low and using the nvidia proccesor) hope to find a solution y.s. the same problems to random battles and to the public server 20200418_105741_PJSB506-Mutsu_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay