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    Looking for EU clan

    Hi all, currently looking for an English speaking clan to partake in clan wars. I have 3.8k battles, 56% average WR in randoms, just ranked out gold league yesterday with 58% average. Average XP in randoms is 1734 (ranked is 2234). I main UU DesMo in current ranked, but in randoms have slightly more battles in BBs than cruisers. Also enjoy CL gameplay (70% WR in randoms with Atlanta B since Black Friday 2020, 104 battles). I do not play DDs as much but still play them about 25% of the time. I have 7 T10 ships, with 4 T9's grinded over halfway (only been playing since late December 2019, was f2p until past few months). I play in Ireland timezone, mostly evenings if that helps. 23 year old medical student, also working part time so might not be available 100% of the time but I tend to play most nights. Note: I have not played any clan wars before but eager to start. Mostly interested in the extra steel income but I like winning too :)