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  1. Rebellions_1

    A-O-N All Or Nothing

    let's have a meeting. let's have a conversation. did u guys don't searching active players?
  2. Rebellions_1

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

  3. Rebellions_1

    A-O-N All Or Nothing

    lets give it a try
  4. Rebellions_1

    [TEA] Kongou's Tea Time is looking for new members!

    hi. I would try some games out with ya
  5. Rebellions_1

    [UNOVI] Remastered recruiting!

    hey i would be interested if its still up to date
  6. Rebellions_1

    Royal Navy Surface Fleet (RNSF) is recruiting.

    hi. i could try. i play on a daily base still learning but doin fine i guess
  7. a little talk would be great
  8. Rebellions_1

    1701 Fleet looking for active players

    hi. Is there still one place open for active player?
  9. Rebellions_1

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    hi. iam interested in a chat
  10. hi. Me and 2 mates searching for an active clan. We play alot and daily. Msg me pls
  11. hi everyone. Me and 2 mates of mine looking for a new clan. we play daily around 3-7hours. me and one of us are more experienced. our third one is slowly coming, since he has a lot of work, he can't play too much. We are surely not Pro players but also not potatoes 🥔. what we are looking for is to find rly active peoples playing this game. we wanna play cws a lot. which league is totally unimportant. even better when we start together from the bottom and climb slowly up as a team. If someone is interested in meeting us, just message me in game or in this forum. thx a lot hf gl
  12. hey boyzzzzzz. my in-game name is Rebellions_1, iam 37 years young and iam still interested in meeting new clans, since I am new to this game (4 month). I play wows a lot. The clan has to have rly active players, which I gonna play daily together. in cws I wanna play through without sitting outside. I was clan leader by myself several years ago. leaded my own team to victory. I am quiet young to this game, but in general, I am an experienced player. If someone is interested in meeting once, I would be interested.
  13. Rebellions_1

    Suche professionellen Clan

    damit meine ich, es soll kein fun Clan sein. Es soll ambitioniert auf Erfolge hin gearbeitet werden. Kontinuität der anwesenden Spieler um zusammen sehr oft zu spielen und sich aus dem FF zu kennen.