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  1. Spectre_S_

    Ranked Battles are Rigged 100%

    Whew this was quite the ride . Ranked is fine , get a good ship and try to herd the team to a win , don't bother focusing on saving star since you're throwing those close games that can be won and i doubt it will make up in the long run you'll also get frustrated and play worse . Managed to grind through buffalo and izumo faster thanks to the quick matches so that was a plus , but i will stay in silver , i like it when CVs are a tier lower and don't have the time to spend for gold anyway . Although , they can shove epicenter where the sun don't shine , that thing is worse than standard battles and i loathe those . Almost forgot , Git gud and carry harder
  2. Spectre_S_

    So nobody notice problem with FLAGS?

    Well yes , but that's your opinion . I'd rather have that 20% better heal and fire duration reduction on my BBs for example .
  3. Spectre_S_

    So nobody notice problem with FLAGS?

    Guess I'll limit myself to 2-3 mandatory flags for randoms and buy with credits and RB (since i have 0 interest in the ships and i get 1200 per month which can be 100 to 150 flags ) when needed , thankfully I got most of the ships i was interested in . Still when other games as they age implement more and more QoL features WG seems to have a time machine and goes backwards . I'll just ride the wave till it hits the shore then move on
  4. I used to ignore this skill too , focused much more on PT however since the rework , i use it on ships I can't afford PT and tbh it's pretty decent , i really feel the lack of information these 2 give on ships i don't have either . Sadly I'm stuck till the next free respec since with only one 21 points captain it takes quite a while to farm elite exp
  5. Spectre_S_

    Massachusetts, OHIO Captain Builds

    That's the same build i use on georgia , tbh the secondaries are hit and miss , sometimes they do wonders and get that low hp ship killed so i can focus on the bigger threat sometimes they're just nice fireworks that dont do anything . I'm going to try a different build when Halsey gets more points since 18 aren't enough for what i have in mind , currently using a standard guy so no improved skills sadly , but at least he has 21 points so i can farm elite exp . Georgia and gneisenau are the only ships i have with a secondary focus for the nostalgia , the other BBs are standard survivability + concealment . Taking into account the increased ranges on secondary guns a lot more ships could be built as such , but it's not worth it with only 35% accuracy , i hope one day some drunkard at WG will accidentally give us the 60% buff back .
  6. Spectre_S_

    Ranked Battle....

    Yea there definitely was something weird going on in qualifiers , kept meeting the same people over and over either on green or red side although that might have something to do with me playing at 1 in the night on the first day . Also those bloody bastards where really good for some reason made my life really hard at times , so i went to sleep eventually , had much better success the next day , guess it was fine in the end . I have a suspicion of what your problem might be but I'm not 100% on it , need more opinions .
  7. Spectre_S_

    Orkan, Loyang or Haida?

    Recently got Haida myself , played mostly ranked , she's a beast if you take advantage of her concealment 5.7km with CE , that's most likely the best at tr7 , crawling smoke is also nice since most ppl torp behind you but she has hydro anyway 3.5km so mostly defensive . Guns are good too 3x2-120mm with ok ballistics ( easy to use if you got usn guns under control ) . Her torp alpha is lacking , don't yolo rush a BB unless it's lower tier or already lost a good chunk of its HP . Another dissatvantage is the unique tree captain so either buy a 10 pointer or make one with elite exp . Can't talk about the others as I don't own them .
  8. Spectre_S_

    Time to brag

    Not much but it's honest work
  9. Spectre_S_

    Are you get Admirals Yamamoto and Halsey?

    Got both and tbh it didn't take me that long , just redo the easy missions and if you play a lot it will be done in no time . My current issue is i dont have the ships i plan to use them on : Yamato and Des Moines , but will get there eventually
  10. Spectre_S_

    Smolensk - give it AA please

    Then wait for dutch cruisers since those appear to be AA monsters . Smolenks is ok these days (not as broken as it used ) for a soviet fantasy made while high on crocodile . Like how do those turrets even work , what kind of feeding and reloading mechanism do they have , even nowadays it will be hard to make such a setup possible let alone be reliable to be put on a warship , can't imagine it being made in the 50s ...
  11. Spectre_S_

    Smolensk - give it AA please

    Not sure if bait or serious
  12. I'm of the opinion that comparing traitors to dogshit is insulting to the dogshit . So not everyone wants to be scum i guess . Any more words would probably get me banned
  13. Spectre_S_

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    If one needs this amount of luck every match to carry , might as well quit T10 ranked . Screamed like a little girl at the end . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UreFolfJFXk
  14. Spectre_S_

    Worst T10 BB in your opinion?

    Only have Thunderer and Kremlin , and i just don't feel it with the kremlin , i would trade it for a republique or yamato in a heartbeat . Thunderer got boring after a while . As for worst BB I don't know , most of the oldies need some small touch ups , GK some improved turret angles , montana a bit more pen , yamato the old 0.66% heal , repu might benefit from a fast reloading heal a la ohio . And a fix to secondaries for everyone , with the improved range i feel a lot more ships can be memed . Also low caliber guns should be capable of penetrating 19mm superstructure by default , looking at the 90-105mm guns . But that's just my opinion on a forum that WG doesn't care about
  15. Spectre_S_

    Which T10 ships are underpowered?

    I'd say smaland, halland and daring are far more dangerous than kleber or marceau to the old DDs since you have more than 1km of concealment advantage over the later and if they do catch you then you're the one that fucked up by being way out of position in the first place . Plenty of times a shima kept my marceau at bay by being in range of support from his buds