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  1. PaP_Mentoles

    Will not play a broken game

    Well WeGreedy? Care to elaborate?
  2. PaP_Mentoles

    Will not play a broken game

    I don't think that we gonna get an answer from WeGreedy. Just dodge comrades :D
  3. PaP_Mentoles

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    What are these submarine tokens from personal challenges and where can be used? Didn't find any info on them
  4. PaP_Mentoles

    Checkbox for CVs and Subs in Gamemode-Selection-Window

    Not gonna happen... Because reasons WeGreedy will not leave outside their favorite creations. Although they acknowledge that they are broken, they do nothing. If they make them as supposed to be, none will pick them. We asked many times to add an option if we want rental ships or not. Too hard to implement, as fixing the matchmaking algorithm
  5. So what. You don't get anything or any kind reward for that. WeGreedy made sure of that.
  6. PaP_Mentoles

    ASW is useless

    The news would be if the ASW was useful. They share the same fate as useless AA :D
  7. PaP_Mentoles

    New Brawl mm

    I like how WeGreedy addresses the issues. What a joke
  8. PaP_Mentoles

    World of Warships Anniversary

    And all this shite for 3 days premium and 3K coal. Wow... Don't give that much you are gonna get broke WeGreedy
  9. PaP_Mentoles

    Turkish ship

    Cyprus maybe?
  10. I say instead of battle results, we should post replays so people learn at last that BBs are staying in the center with convoy on Narai or a CV should not make the 1st spot on Aegis or we really must protect the Raptor on Raptor Resque and many other examples... (Not implying that you don't know, but generally speaking)
  11. PaP_Mentoles

    Banned from the game without explanation

    So... Are we talking about a perma ban or for some days?
  12. PaP_Mentoles


    No it's not... Depending the time WeGreedy wants us to dedicate on all these missions, the reward is nonsense. Now go to sleep
  13. PaP_Mentoles

    Hermes is a Disaster

    The operation is fine. People playing the operation are not. They don't know how to play and move. And not only on Hermes but on all operations. That's the problem.
  14. As much as I critise WeGreedy from every aspect for destroying a great game over their greed, this is not on them. It's pure on people that don't know how to play the operations. A little earlier a played Narai. 4 ships, including a BB, went left for the CV. Another 2, with the 2nd BB, went on transports. Leaving me alone with my BB at center trying to defend myself and the convoy. This is just one example of many potato playing. So, I can't put the blame on WeGreedy on this. It's just players stupidity and not knowing how to move on each operation depending on the ship they "drive".
  15. PaP_Mentoles

    Please remove this stupid collision system

    There is an option at settings to turn it off