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  1. PaP_Mentoles

    Most obvious things said in chat that make you laugh

    I often respond "no intelligence we are bots" on that
  2. PaP_Mentoles

    An end to friendly fire.. I have read that right haven't I?

    Not only that, but think about the Kitakami's (or what the fck are named). Torpedo spam ftw. How else WeeGreedy are gonna sell these
  3. PaP_Mentoles

    Any reason not to buy Ise?

    A simple one: Stop giving money to WeeGreedy. Close the wallets to them
  4. PaP_Mentoles

    So is this the road map?

    OK. Now please tell us the accuracy of those planes you mentioned and compere it with that in game. Please tell us too how many planes where shot down before all the "accomplishments" you mentioned.
  5. Well, nobody believes what ever you say. Your employer is well known for the shady tactics and the non-documented changes. I hope the paycheck is hefty to compensate the loss of self-esteem promoting lies.
  6. You know people stopped believing your (WG) ludicrοus excuses, right? People had enough...
  7. Of course they did. I also noticed that the "set fire" rate decreased drasticly. But don't worry. It's probably a bug like they likely gonna say as the income nerfing on operations. They claimed a bug.
  8. PaP_Mentoles

    A Co-op only clan

  9. PaP_Mentoles

    (Poll) How much will you bid for 100k coal?

    Nothing... Same will apply at all items in this stupid idea.
  10. So brainiacs of WeeGreedy, tell me something... What about those who have chosen captain skills on cruisers trying to "level" with your stupid braindeadeye?
  11. Kill stealing like a boss
  12. PaP_Mentoles

    Questionnaire at end of game - What's up ??

    It's another stupid WeeGreedy stunt to gather "satisfied" votes for their precious spreadshit to show that no changes are needed regarding many issues rised by the community.
  13. PaP_Mentoles

    The absurdity of the reporting system summed up

    And I just got reported for this...
  14. PaP_Mentoles


    What did you expect with T8 and T7 in a division? The most possible outcome is this you showed. The odds to be "drown" in a match with T6 are very little. So...
  15. PaP_Mentoles

    What music do you listen to during your battles?

    I love listening relaxing music. Especially this ballad: Or that: That too: