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  1. The armored cruiser "George Averoff" (TH / K "G. Averoff"), also commonly known as the "Battleship Averoff", is a historic ship of modern Greece. Despite being listed as a battleship, it is a PIZA-class armored cruiser (an exact replica of the Italian armored cruiser "Pisa" built in 1907 based on a design by shipbuilder Joseph Orlando), which was built in the Livorno area of the Italian shipyards. in the period 1908 - 1911, and joined the then Greek Royal Navy. [1] The then government of Kyriakoulis Mavromichalis spent 23,650,000 gold drachmas to acquire it. The 8,000,000 gold drachmas came from 20% of the total inheritance of Georgios Averoff, who bequeathed to the National Fleet Fund in 1899 (the date of publication of the will), which stipulated that this amount was available for the construction of a warship. ship that will bear his name and will be used as an Educational ship and "School of Naval Trials". The remaining amount (15,650,000 gold drachmas) was covered by the National Fleet Fund. [1] It is the only specimen of its kind (armored cruiser) to be preserved in the world to this day.