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  1. Yeah, isn't it funny how you have to play Randanked to get the ship? Apparently Co-op/Ops players still aren't allowed nice things in this game. Misleadingly enough, the article says this: Which is flat-out untrue; noone can complete this mission chain in Co-op or Ops, just individual missions within it (and they have to play PvP to even access some of those). I was kinda looking forward to earning myself a Kirov based on that article, but apparently it still seems that WG has a lot to learn about how to communicate information. It seems like even the news articles are no longer trustworthy.
  2. NobleSauvage

    Question about penalties/ enforcement.

    It seems from past observation that if he's paid WG money in the past or they think he's likely to do so in future, there would likely be very few consequences to his account. I get the impression that infractions are not well-policed in WoWs.
  3. NobleSauvage

    Results: Anzac Day

    Ahem. Who's feelin' lucky? ;)
  4. NobleSauvage

    Community Contributor Spotlight

    See if you can spot the gap where a fourth one was recently removed...
  5. NobleSauvage

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    WG staff are clearly disinterested in their own game, presumably they assume the playerbase is too and underestimate the effort people are willing to put in to considering it.
  6. NobleSauvage

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    In an ideal world, having major new and different content added to a game I sometimes enjoy playing should be something to celebrate, and having submarines added to a WW2 naval game should be a positive thing. In reality, WG's handling of CVs, ignoring of player feedback, failure to adequately test new content and general attitude of treating WoWs less like a game to be enjoyed and more like a hamster wheel to be ever-increasingly monetised, leaves me with no faith that the sub introduction will be any better than the numerous other poorly thought-out gameplay additions to date. But then I don't play Ranked, so at least I won't have to deal with it any time soon.
  7. NobleSauvage

    Server overload tonight? EU 20.00 hour.

    Maybe the problem is with all that Free XP we still get for it? I'm sure WG will be good enough to nerf it again and fix the issue
  8. I think the latter is probably right, think I've seen someone posting one before (it was a regular bonus code rather than one of those randomised limited-use giftcodes so when they put it on the forum everyone just used it anyway). There was something in the message about my having read all the newsposts or something (which I do, if only just to get rid of the annoying notification icon); maybe they've been tracking who 'reads' every post over a certain period?
  9. NobleSauvage

    Proposed nerfs for RN CL's

    Anyone else noticed how desperately WG have been trying to buff the mid-tier Italian battleships since introducing them so that their gunnery doesn't just plain suck? Now that the SAP on Andrea Doria is finally going to have higher damage than the AP, it might actually be worth using...
  10. NobleSauvage

    KOTS container ingame mission for CO-OP...

    It's true, there've been oversights before with mission requirements (I think I saw one mission for T7 carriers, and I definitely remember one for T5/8 Ops); the Leroy Jenkins mission seems now to have become two missions instead of just the one, which seems a bit strange for a deliberate inclusion. However, all three of the new mission groups seem to penalise PvE players in some way: if only the second Leroy Jenkins mission is real then the grind is going to be harsher for Co-op players given the lower rewards, if both missions are still legit then PvP players can get a second Jenkins commander with 10pts vs. 6pts for the all-modes one; with the HSF mission, only one crate of five is available to PvE players; and it's not like they've not put in achievement-based missions 'open to Co-op players' before so the KotS mission might not actually get changed. Then you have the rewards being generally much lower in PvE (or even thoroughly nerfed in the case of Ops), the lack of priority given to the modes (which WG are always freely admitting to), Twitch drop missions being Randanked-only, etc. And yes, a lot of PvE players won't likely take well to being forced into PvP, in fact might just quit if WoWs got rid of the PvE modes (I know I would). I think that latter part is rather the point: WG don't want to flat-out lose players when they might be able to gradually coax them over 'of their own free will' by what would amount to constructive dismissal if those PvE modes were employees. On the simplest level, any PvE players that WG can 'convert' to PvP are going to help reduce Random (most popular and lucrative mode) queue times, which makes Random players happier; one Random match can hold up to 30 players compared to 9 for Co-op or 7 for Ops, making the number of simultaneous game instances on the servers much lower; without all the bots in PvE games there wouldn't be any pathfinding/scenario scripting triggers/AI calculations to compute which again lightens the server load; and having to write AI/narrative scenarios is a much different skill-set to making ship models and PvP maps requiring its own specialists (or else ending up with bots driving into islands because the devs aren't good at AI which is bad for the game's image). All less satisfying for certain players, but cheaper/more lucrative.
  11. NobleSauvage

    KOTS container ingame mission for CO-OP...

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed by the way, but WG's anti-PvE jihad has taken hold in the HSF missions as well. There are three missions to complete, one HSF container reward for each and another two for completing the lot; only the first mission is possible in Co-op and Ops. Maybe they're just struggling to keep players in Randoms, eh? They had to extend the Amazon vouchers recruitment event after all...
  12. NobleSauvage

    KOTS container ingame mission for CO-OP...

    Seconded on the Co-op front! Maybe help an Ops comrade out as well while you're at it? Shame how the best game mode keeps getting officially ignored ;)
  13. NobleSauvage

    Community service

    They'd also have plenty of room to release some powerful premiums, then nerf them in time for next year's batch to be released. Think of all the extra potential sales...
  14. NobleSauvage

    WG Servers powered by Soviet Diesel Engines

    Seems like the NA server forums at least have been cheaping out on their plutonium hamster feed; can't load them at all right now. Then again, I can't mount flags or camos on my ships in-game either, so maybe the hamsters have gone colourblind.
  15. I got the impression from the initial marketing that shifting loyalties were very much part of the intended Big *unt experience (although admittedly never played it myself). I got the impression as well that the rules for it were rather more complicated than most players are used to, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people just didn't realise or forgot...