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  1. NobleRipper

    WG code for "We f***** up"

    I'll raise you the Nescafe man doing Trololo (it's the only way to be sure): https://64.media.tumblr.com/e87cca9d4fcb16121917df471a27b80d/tumblr_p3qooeHqfs1v8i2wuo4_400.gif
  2. NobleRipper


    I wasn't going to continue playing WoWs since before the subs came in*, and see no reason to change that decision based on current circumstances. *Again. Because they've had a million different tests at this point, and it's hardly likely that this is going to be the final iteration. Just drop the idea already WG...
  3. NobleRipper

    A simple poll

    Clearly, every type except carriers should be removed, that way they can all play against each other in the way that history and WG intended. Who said anything about Glorious?!
  4. NobleRipper

    Coop bots

    The sad fact of it is, WG don't care about PvE. The sadder fact of it is, WG don't care about players that hang around for any length of time because spreadshiet says you've spent all the money that you're going to on the game. Co-op is still the only place in this shambles where you can get any kind of fun fast-paced action, but WG don't want you to be playing it past about T4 or so...
  5. NobleRipper

    Uninstalled, and feeling very relieved.

    Indeed, have been since a worthless layabout student; now I'm just the first two ;) Are you a local, or an outsider as well?
  6. NobleRipper

    Uninstalled, and feeling very relieved.

    Well if I'd known it was to do with Parsons turbines I'd have said something sooner ;) And definitely, me too! Have you seen Dippy and the T Rexes yet?
  7. NobleRipper

    Uninstalled, and feeling very relieved.

    @Pametrada It feels strange to say that I'm relieved to see you go (in a good way)! Make sure to put that new 50 gigs of free HD space to good use. I'd like to echo the sentiment already expressed that we wish you all the best, and if you find something good, please come back to let the rest of us know... P.S. I just got your username a couple of weeks ago when I was reading a book on standard-type merchantmen of the world wars! P.P.S. That's a Fine City you're in there ;)
  8. NobleRipper

    Steam reviews of WoWs

    (Which I think brings us to perhaps the most relevant passage:) "Just gotta get ouuuuut, just gotta get right out of heeeeeere..." There's an easy way to tell: did you get no signal flags for it?
  9. NobleRipper

    Steam reviews of WoWs

    Beeeeeeeeeellllzebub has a devil put aside for WeeeeeeGee... (No headbang emote sadly!)
  10. NobleRipper

    Steam reviews of WoWs

    No, no no no, no no no no. Galileo (Galileo)...
  11. NobleRipper

    Steam reviews of WoWs

    Just change it to 'allegedly', for now: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=wargaming+money+laundering All smoke so far it seems, but who knows how far away the fire is?
  12. To add to Jingles' selected links in the description you can also get in touch with your local Member of Parliament (specific for those in the UK) about gambling crates: https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-an-mp-or-lord/contact-your-mp/ Here's how you find the right one if previously unaware: https://members.parliament.uk/members/Commons
  13. NobleRipper

    Send a message to PEGI

    If one were to feel strongly enough (in the UK at least), there's always contacting your MP: https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-an-mp-or-lord/contact-your-mp/ Not sure if it's an urban legend by the way, but it's worked for me in the past: if you put your address in your communication (so they know you're in their constituency), they may be obliged by rules/custom to send you a personal reply if that's something you're interested in ;)
  14. Not registered any games on my account since before the last update... ...So seems to be working fine here.
  15. NobleRipper

    Send a message to PEGI

    Came to thank OP and say I'd already sent PEGI a message when someone else suggested it recently, stayed to commend some fine folk and feed my blacklist. Ahhhhhh, WoWs forums!