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  1. causalgamer

    WoT vs WoWs grind

    I can second that. Gold ammo was the reason for me to switch. If you get frustrated in WOW, then I would advise against WOT
  2. speak for yourself, I guess
  3. causalgamer

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    Well done! Looking forward to some of the updates
  4. causalgamer

    Cyber tokens?

    I remember South Park doing a bid on Indiana Jones/George Lucus in one of their episodes. I thought it was spot on
  5. causalgamer

    Cyber tokens?

    I remember watching Phantom Menace in the cinema in 1999. I was soulcrushed when I left the cinema. I grew up with that stuff! After that, Star Wars was never the same to me. A few years later, Indiana jones - cristal skull was released. Did not even bother to watch it after the Star Wars re-releases (Awful CGI) I knew what to expect.
  6. man kann sicherlich seine Meinung dazu zu kundtun, obs gefaellt oder nicht. Keiner kann jemanden sagen was uns zu interessieren hat oder nicht. mfg
  7. np, usually several ppl complaining about issues in the forum and in-game is a very good indication that there is something wrong with the update (I had a game where someone apologized because his client crashed) Which btw. does not mean that your solution wouldn't work. I just don't want WG dismiss this issue as anomaly.
  8. You can have a drive letter F without having an external hdd.
  9. There is something wrong with this release. Never had crashes with World of Warships before. I had 2 within 2 days now and the occasional stutter where frames would freeze for a second or two.
  10. causalgamer

    Bonus Codes

    vielleicht hast du eine leerzeile mitreinkopiert, denn der code funktioniert
  11. causalgamer

    Georgia or Pommern?

    I had to make the same decision 2 or 3 weeks back and I chose the Georgia. I am very happy with my decision.
  12. causalgamer

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    2020-21 has seasons too?
  13. causalgamer

    asymmetric battles

    in the beginning it was fun because it was challenging for tier 8 ships. Now, most of the time tier 6 just gets pawned. I am playing it for the reward but after that I had enough
  14. causalgamer

    Missing PTS rewards

    DeGrasse, thx :-)