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    New line

  2. Oh, yeah, never use forums if it's at all possible. I use the forums to find sources, it's ok for that for sure
  3. I get frustrated while trying to research history stuff on the forums and images are 404'd, so i figured i'd necro the thread.... it's for a good cause!
  4. Since the original picture isn't available anymore, here's an illustration from the russian "war at sea" magazine
  5. Since he sort of inspired this thread, I may as well tag @Crysantos directly
  6. There are several different sources on the armor of the O class, and WG pulled directly from Bundesarchiv, not a secondary source. If you want to QQ, start your own thread, this one is about the numerous issues with Dutch cruisers.
  7. Either way it's wrong, as 1047 was to use a slightly modified version of Scharnhorst's guns. C/28 is Graf Spee's.
  8. Kingpin6100

    Royal Thai Navy Taksin-Class light cruiser.

    I ended up finding the source of the model :) But thank you for the response
  9. Kingpin6100

    German Light Cruiser project from 1/700 kit

    Big necro on this thread. I know it's been a while, has anything else about this design been found?
  10. Kingpin6100

    Romanian Naval Programmes

    UP-102 was also offered to Sweden in 1940.
  11. Plain text if the embed doesn't load:
  12. Kingpin6100

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    Tallinn has 25mm everywhere, unlike Tallinn and Hipper, meaning it can't angle to any BB with guns above 356, which are 95% of the ones she faces. Also, Hipper/Eugen belt is thinner than Mogami, and the turtleback is VERY tempramental against BB fire. Also, need I point out something that hasn't been mentioned enough here: Being better than Hipper/Eugen really means nothing as both of those ships are.... among the worst T8 cruisers.
  13. Kingpin6100

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    Absolutely not true. Eugen and Hipper as well as Mainz (aka the ship you SHOULD be comparing the armor to) have the 40mm strip going all the way to the tip of the bow. You are clearly not aware enough of the specifications of the ship to make the claims you have in this thread, considering the "Grozovoi AA gun" claims and not mentioning the worse dispersion curve. I implore you to do some research on the ship other than "It's russian and not garbage therefore it's OP"
  14. Kingpin6100

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    Nothing in that video really showed her to be that much of a monster. Tallinn's dispersion is pretty debatable, and that kills her ability to long range HE spam. I'd rate her bellow atago for sure, and honestly below all T8 CLs . lol
  15. I know a blueprint for Musashi was discovered just a few years ago in a safe of one of the designers.