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  1. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Why are there Forum trolls?
  2. Aethervoxx

    Irish Naval Service Anniversary Flag

    Sure, an Irish commemorative flag, sure. I'm all for pretty flags. Unfortunately, the Irish Navy had no appreciable ships, not even a T1 Black Swan.
  3. Aethervoxx

    WG and Lesta split coming to a close

    Ethics? When considering WG? ROFL. WoWS was good ..... was ........
  4. Aethervoxx

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    As usual, quitting play as soon as I saw a WG blatant CHEAT (which never takes any length of time to occur).
  5. Aethervoxx

    General CV related discussions.

    The four plane squadrons are from the Rhein. There was only one Rhein CV on that team. Next time - look closer before you barf out there were two CVs on the team. You can see from the screenshot there were four CVs in that battle yet each side had only one Rhein CV. Explain the enemy Rhein CV with four plane squadrons in the air at the same time.
  6. WoWS is frustrating to play by 'design'. How many older players are still around? Not many, I'd wager & probably not giving WG . I'm limiting my play due to the now horrid MM that doesn't even try to be balanced or fair. The whole franchise is designed to churn the players over so that there's enough new players continuing to enter play who WG can 'sucker' for in a variety of ways. WoT has done this. WoWP? Does anyone play 'that'? WoWS trajectory is going exactly in the same direction as WoT. Into a garbage bin. WG is all about the . They don't give a about anything else.
  7. Aethervoxx

    Commander skill rework - What did it achieve?

    ...which supports players who already have high point Captains & makes it easier to have far fewer Captains hence this is inexplicable, if the idea was to get players to grind/spend more ...
  8. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I place this under this topic due to the blatant unfairness of the MM and an apparent blatant CHEAT. Correct me if I am wrong but when did a reworked T4 CV have the ability to have not two but four, yes, count them, four plane squadrons in the air at the same time? Screenshot to prove this happened; Of course, this CV player almost won it for their team. Of course, neither CV player on the enemy team got sunk due to the convenient 'time expired' which so often saves CVs.
  9. Aethervoxx

    General CV related discussions.

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it supposed to be impossible for reworked CVs to have four squadrons of planes in the air at the same time? I can see two - one returning & one departing the CV but four? Proof that Wedgie allows a T4 CV to have four plane squadrons in the air at the same time: Screenshot; Count them, two of two types of planes in the air at the same time - for the enemy team, ofc, the team WG was giving the CHEAT to. I've never seen my team have four planes from the same CV in the air at the same time
  10. Aethervoxx

    Around the World web campaign...

    We all know kill stealing isn't a 'thing' but we all know it is .
  11. Aethervoxx

    Subs, you trying to make me uninstall?

    This is a Sub topic thread, WingedHussar_Adler. I suggest you head to the main CV topic thread where you can disparage RTS CV play to your heart's content.
  12. Aethervoxx

    Subs, you trying to make me uninstall?

    Agreed, which makes post #62 above inaccurate &, imo, quite biased. As to being on topic here, I'm still learning how Subs work or don't work. I only play T6 subs myself (to try them out &, ideally, to sink reworked CVs with them, if I possibly can ). Griefer vs Griefer = the ideal 1v1.
  13. I, too, Admiral_H_Nelson, have all my ships equipped with expensive modules. I'm no big credit credit multi-millionnaire, not by a long shot. I really don't see your concern as being any kind of problem. If you don't want to play certain ships in your port, that is your choice. I random play any of my ships in port, so, over time, all of them. As to de-mounting expensive modules you can either swallow the 50% credit cost or use doubloons. Are you really that starved of either credits or doubloons? You might have no doubloons but not enough credits? Do you only play 'kindergarten', err, co-op mode? As to a 'reset', what is the need for that? Usually, there is one set of modules that works well for a ship so changing these modules is rather pointless (for the most part). With the Camo bonus removals & the consequent sale of now useless Camos (not to mention a lot of them were butt ugly) aren't many player awash in olympic pool sized amounts of credits? Just wait for that credit inflation to hit the next Lighthouse Auction offerings.
  14. Aethervoxx

    Subs, you trying to make me uninstall?

    Yes! I'm not the 'expert' but I know that with RTS CVs one had to have a modicum of intelligence - check what El2aZeR says about RTS vs reworked CVs - unlike reworked CVs, which any moron can play (which is why they play them).
  15. Aethervoxx

    Problems with low tier

    The main problem with the low tiers is, imo, WoWS doesn't care about them - WoWS only cares to sell premium time and/or high tier premium ships. This, imo, so-called game is just a business model designed to extract as much money as possible from as many 'rubes' as possible.