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  1. Aethervoxx

    What does 'Can be activated' mean ?

    easy answer, lol - by not getting into secondary range, lol (which, ofc, will happen cause it's all about the long range sniping meta nowadays).
  2. Aethervoxx

    Stupid skills lead to a stupid meta.

    You got the title 100% right, Prophecy82, "stupid is as stupid does".
  3. Aethervoxx

    Official WG survey on 0.10.0

    I voted basically, No, I did not like this Cpt skill rework & told them why. Will my submission (or any other?) change the course WG is on with WoWS? I very much doubt it. All WG cares about is getting enough new players to continue to spend money on an (imo) increasingly shoddy product. New players who don't know any better &, ofc, the Wallet Warriors who have to have the latest Lollipop for the Suckers.
  4. Aethervoxx

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    Isn't it obvious by now? They don't give a s**t. The current proof is this barf of a Cpt skill rework.
  5. Aethervoxx

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    I was the very first person to vote "Completely unneeded, unintelligent turd!!!". I should get an award for that.
  6. Aethervoxx

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    I'd like to see PM come back for Cruisers.
  7. Aethervoxx

    What does 'Can be activated' mean ?

    In other words, it's a maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. The Unicums will know exactly when it works (which, ofc, is by design). Half decent players may get it to work enough for this skill to be worth it. However, the vast majority of players will take it and not get it to work - then get choked, then, maybe, spend money - enough of them so that WG will declare the Cpt skill rework to be a success.
  8. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Cept liar, I'm not this bottom 1% player - you know there's way worse out there. Nice of you to play the stat shame game. Really hilarious when you WG butt lickers come on & say it's all on one player when this is a 12 player team game. This is a team game. WG arranges the teams. Therefore, WG is to blame for most records, whether good or bad.
  9. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Take a look at both those battles I posted. If I'm so bad then where did those other horrid players come from? I did better than them. Where were the horrid players for the other team? Also, one can get sunk but assist in a W by virtue of your tactics. Your argument is so full of it - the MM & RNG blatantly cheats - the Wallet Warriors wouldn't be here unless they got WG favourtism. Telling how the WG butt lickers always attack the truth.
  10. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Tell us how many 3 player division battles you are playing in? & two player division battles? Inform us, also, what ships you are playing. How many of those battles are in premium ships? From your bragging post, we see you have up to T9 ships so your assertion that your NA account is new is a 'red herring'. You, obviously, aren't a new player. Also, since there are 11 other players on your side of the MM, it's not just you who are playing well. Also, since there are 12 other players on the opposite side of the MM, that side is not getting decent teams at all - not if you win close to 75% of the time - the side WG is cheating against is just getting 25% wins. Hence, Bear_Necessities, you, yourself are illustrating how farcial WG MM (& RNG) actually is. Thanks for illustrating just how selfishly WG MM & RNG 'arranges' results because WG MM & RNG certainly is not random.
  11. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Utter falsehood. There's 23 other 'factors' in all your games. Those factors are the other players, both allied & enemy. It's extremely easy, therefore, for WG MM & RNG to set up Ws & Ls. I'm not the best player around but I do OK (most of the time?). Maybe I'm not that good at all, however, the above two examples I posted show a great number of total idiot players all on the one team. The roflstomps that are Ws are only enjoyable due to the W. However, they are as much a farce as the roflstomp Ls. Who makes up the teams? Is it you Bear_Necessities? Is it me? No, it is not. It is WG & their MM is not, in any way, balanced. It's a farce.
  12. Aethervoxx

    Number of active players

    Incorrect. Quite a few players wish they had made a much better game. In fact, the sooner a better Naval Warfare game comes along the better.
  13. Aethervoxx

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Here is another blatant cheat roflstomp right off the start.
  14. Aethervoxx

    Number of active players

    Figures, so many players hoped to see a great Naval Game. It was for a few years but then almost all of the real WoWS aficionados quit this game since WG proved they are nothing but *edit* It is very clear by now that WoWS is not actually growing. So many players have left & only the farce CV rework saved disaster not because it was a good idea but WG doubled down on raiding *edit* from the console game market. Many older players are leaving or have left. Watch the coming disasters called the Captain Skill Rework & the Sub Disaster. Both are only a matter of time since WG only cares about money. The Game? Screw it. &, ofc, WG can rely *edit*
  15. Aethervoxx

    Buy all ships with Dubloons

    Why? Kids don't have the critical skills yet. All they have & care about are console thumbs.