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  1. Aethervoxx

    Playing low tier, worth it?

    Yes, playing low tier, if you mean playing tiers 2 to 4, is worth it. Lots of fun ships & action there as opposed to boring long range camping & sniper play at the higher tiers.
  2. I'm a Cdn & I'm aware that LittleWhiteMouse & Chobittsu are too. It's disappointing that the HMCS Sackville camo is 'sort of available' in the game. What garbage that the camo is behind a pay wall where one has to buy the Yukon (a fantasy ship) to obtain it. Sure, the camo looks good but no one has indicated what benefits the camo has. Furthermore, I'm pleased the HMCS Sackville is a museum ship that survives to illustrate a very important ship class, the Corvette, that did so much to win the Battle of the Atlantic (amongst its other uses). I would suggest WG offer the Sackville camo for coal purchase like other easily available camoflages. As to the Yukon flag - another pay wall flag? Ya, Sure (Not). & whose idiot idea was it that the flag had to use a Huskey Dog head? Ya, Sure (Not).
  3. Aethervoxx


    Why not? They already have Epicentre bullseye to superimpose over the Ocean map. Easy, peasy new (?) map?
  4. Aethervoxx

    A few kind words for Wargaming

    A few kind words to War Gaming? Why? War Gaming deserves no kind words. For giving us Ger BCs, many of which are butt ugly? For giving up one UK ship, the Repulse? You can, ofc, butt lick War Gaming. There is, after all, a modicum of free expression allowed here. War Gaming, imo, deserves to go out of business. The owner has leeched more than enough money out of the WoT/WoWS player community.
  5. Which is garbage, the Yukon flag should be available for anyone to obtain it under a mission & not just for Yukon owners. Who, in their right mind, would buy the Yukon? I'm Cdn, btw.
  6. Would you mind if I place you on contacts? I could use some pointers for my play.

  7. For Everyones Information ... Sure, post WW2 a number of ships got transferred into foreign navies so we see some of these examples in Pan-Asian Cruiser line (as one example). If you google the Indian Navy history you find there was only one ship in this game that actually served in the Indian Navy (technically, still part of the UK fleet) in WW2 - they had three of the Black Swan class .
  8. Aethervoxx

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    A T6 Random Hatsuhara W
  9. Aethervoxx

    Divisionless Gameplay Option (Daily)

    No, there is not. All that one sees is the occaisional battle match up where neither side has any division (probably more common in co-ops).
  10. Aethervoxx

    Divisionless Random Matches - Daily

    This is already an option (the default) although divisions keep 'spoiling' this (most of the time).
  11. Wedgie wants everyone to herd stampede into obtaining these PA Cruisers asap. You did notice, Verblonde, did you not how the early access is behind more & more of a paywall? I will wait the three long months until this tech line goes free & official. I refuse to give War Failing another penny*. * I would buy a dedicated clan flag slot for if the idiots running WoWS ever offer 'that'.
  12. Aethervoxx

    What's the logic around BBs Airstrike range??

    & Asatori answered correctly! You get to return as the current BB airstrike question champion.
  13. Aethervoxx

    What's the logic around BBs Airstrike range??

    There isn't any logic. The BBabies whined, screamed and went full mode tantrum so Wedgie threw in bombing planes as soothers for the BBabies to suck on . (YW , glad to clear this up .
  14. Aethervoxx

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    I get your point, Procrastes, about both CVs & SSs (Subs) having a different play style not entirely compatible with BBs, Cs & DDs. However, this is a function of how WG has tried to incorporate these two extra classes into the base game. Not very well, we can all agree. I wouldn't say CVs & SSs are 'viral' (in the sense they are completey anathema to the base game). Fact is, for a 20th century naval war game (semi-simulation and/or arcade style) both CVs & SSs must & should be in the game. The problem, ofc, is how they are incorporated into the game. Personally, I saw the RTS CV play style, learnt it (not that I was unicum) & enjoyed it. The plane squadrons could all be in the air together & you could lose all your planes if you weren't careful. A thinking persons CV play style & it appeared to be quite realistic. CVs were the new Queen of Naval Battles (the replacement to BBs). Now we are stuck with the BARF that is the reworked CV horror show. As to SSs? Well, we have all seen the horrific and poorly thought out design of these. Subs were more a commercial raider vessel although there was some Sub vs Warship actions. WG should have designed Subs to work in some 'Convoy Operation' mode with more Convoy Escort type ships (either DDs or Corvettes, even small Escort CVs) first and then add them (Subs) to be able to play versus BBs, Cs, CVs & DDs. I think both CVs & SSs could work in the main game but only if there was a hard cap of 1 CV & 1 SS per side in any battle. Yes, WoWS was brilliant &, basically, improving up to the horrid wreck that is the reworked CV idiocy. Exactly the same 'pathway' with early WoT up to when they started wreaking their original maps. WG cannot leave their golden geese (WoT & WoWS) alone (didn't WoWP not hatch properly, at all?). They force feed their geese with poisonous crap with the inevitable result that they eventually produce diarrhea.
  15. Aethervoxx

    Warthunder vs WoWs

    Hilarious video Communist_Lolli .