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    [ALL] JOJO's bizarre adventure

    and of course we can't forget the "Arri Arri Arri Arrivederci"from golden wind Giorno's bizzare warships.zip Bucciarati's bizzare warships.zip
  2. mighty_lushao

    [ALL] JOJO's bizarre adventure

    hey guys, here is something more spicy we have advance improved the mod with some new feature, firing main battery have their own voice now. it maybe annoying to somepeople, but isn't "Ora Ora" one of the best part of JOJO? Jotaro‘s bizzare warships.zip Dio's bizzare warships.zip
  3. mighty_lushao

    [ALL] JOJO's bizarre adventure

    I gusse people can still remember this art WG posted in June, and today, i proundly say this. WE HAVE MADE IT COME TRUE well as voice at least, and we will keep on improving, providing everyone more enjoyable GoldenSpirit ————————————————————————————How—To—Install———————————————————————————————— download and Extract Find the "res_mod" folder under the game root directory create "banks" folder inside the number folder represents you game's current version create "Mods" folder inside the banks, put the extracted folder IN the Mods this is how it should looks like JOJO‘s bizzare warships.rar