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  1. A_Knight

    Torpedo Tubes / Turrets destroyed

    I made a thread about secondaries and AA taken out too quickly. It's all a big mess
  2. A_Knight

    AA and Secondaries made of paper

    I didn't call desync A mechanics, read again... I called it an "issue" Now have the last word. (compulsive behavior) Also, mods please delete his comments all dross not adding anything
  3. A_Knight

    AA and Secondaries made of paper

    Ah. The last word guy. Btw, there are many threads about the changed mechanics around here. Some even mentioning a really frustrating issue called "desync". a good read. Now, have the last word.
  4. A_Knight

    AA and Secondaries made of paper

    This thread is about changed game system. And you want to have last word in my thread? sending it off topic?
  5. A_Knight

    AA and Secondaries made of paper

    I have the kremlin it's unusable because of this. WG is being sabotaged from the inside
  6. A_Knight

    AA and Secondaries made of paper

    Yes they did
  7. Secondaries and AA don't last until the battle ends. They get taken out long before 10 min mark. If I shoot a musashi with a yorck, I see multiple sec/AA mounts taken out each Salvo. This is on top of the weak Torp, engine, rudder and turrets. This game is already broken as it is without these new changes. cv players will have even more one sided slaughtering. I will be honest, I think someone at WG is actively trying to sabotaged this game. I see no other explanation. Please check your status of AA in battle. Even with mod upgrade 100% survivability they all seem to have zero hitpoints
  8. A_Knight

    Year of the CV full recap

    Bye. I hope the rest of Cv players quit too so that we can enjoy this game again
  9. A_Knight

    Year of the CV full recap

    I'd like the ability to shoot back at the CV. It's unfair he's always safe
  10. Anyone else not being able to punish lately? Both on Gneise and Bism I noticed my shells are landing too far away and also ricocheting off the superstructure and full broadside. I get most volleys to do 1160 dmg while it used to be 8k-16k salvos. Anyone else really struggling since yesterday or so?
  11. A_Knight

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Gneise losing 46% AA within 4 mins of play. I have AA and sec mount 100% survivability nice Russian idea of balance.
  12. A_Knight

    Poll - CV, yes or no?

    Uninstalling this piece of crap. I'll come back someday when Kathleen Kennedy leaves board room and takes the damned CVs with her. It must be Kathleen in Charge; no one else has the reputation of so efficiently killing a brand as she. Voted CV out
  13. A_Knight

    need a reason

    edited the nonsens @ForlornSailor @DKP555 I hope you do the same.
  14. A_Knight

    need a reason

    Facing Kita, kidd, musashi, alsace, FDG, and the cancer from above in a gneise is waaayyy more difficult than in GKF. I know because I used to have 100k+ average dmg in my T9 ships