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  1. LoveZeppelin

    ST 0.10.2, New ships (DB 120)

    Tiger will at least make a batter CL captain trainer than B43, not terribly exciting though, our 3rd premium RN t8 cruiser in the past 12 mnths,.. Where is Stainless Steel Sheffy?
  2. LoveZeppelin

    Mysore has no "Indian" captain option

    I do hope so. If they don't, then they only have to revert Mysore to the RN tech tree and rename her HMS NIgeria, her name in the Royal Navy until 1957 when she was sold to India and renamed INS Mysore. Because lest other readers have any doubts, "INS Mysore" was commissioned as an Indian Navy ship, in 1957, with an Indian naval commander, and as a flagship for the Indian Navy, with this fellow aboard Admiral Ram Dass Katari Who had previously commander INS Dehli in the late 40s, during his Royal Navy career. As for if anyone has any doubts about the allegiance of INS Mysore, they might reflect on the incident of 1959, when Mysore, Indian commisioned, renamed, crewed and captained, rammed HMS Hogue, "accidentally" All of the above and more, mean it is quite an enormous effort on my part, to accept the "oversight" explanation by WG. The longer they take to rectify their quite obvious "error," the harder it will be to sustain this effort.
  3. LoveZeppelin

    Mysore has no "Indian" captain option

    perhaps, although I do not see the issue through this question of player heritage, but principally though the optic of a common standard of treatment. If the Game wants to use the Commonwealth flag which was adopted in 1976, to represent nations including India, the Uk, Canada and India then when a warship that served in one of these nations is implemented in WOWS, appropriately "themed" captains should be available among the optional stock captains. We have only one Canadian warship in WOWS, only one Australian captain, only one Indian Navy warship, they should be treated equally. It goes without saying that if they are not treated in a manner which allows players to feel their interests and attachments are fairly represented, then it will only take a little while for questions to be raised. The argument/concern about the British Empire navies of the 1900-1945 era, having ethnically representative captain avatars who were not present/in positions of naval command in the 1905-1945 period, are invalidated by the usage in World of Warships of the Commonwealth flag, which came into use in 1976! : Pre 1945 Commonwealth Navies commonly flew a variant of the White Ensign, Australia for example, up until 1967) : Gradually Commonwelath Navies adopted nationally relevant ensigns, such as Australia with this flag : Somebody at WG wants their cake and to eat it all, except this creates all sorts of unhealthy and questionable lapses, contradictions and very doubtful positions. I don't think the majority of players care, I even think a majority would welcome an end to the problems of dev choices I evoke above. But somebody at WG does care enough, to insist, unlike in WOT, that Euro captains look Caucasian, that Japanese captains look Asian, but exceptionally they don't "care" that Indian captains don't look Indian and have names such as Archibald Whiteling, ? Wonder why that is.
  4. LoveZeppelin

    Idea: Cargo ship gameplay

    the idea was premature, without subs. Soon.
  5. LoveZeppelin

    General CV related discussions.

    soon we'll be able to shout, ALARM! (swear loudly) then FLOOD THE TANKS! (drink heaviliy), TRIM PARTY! ((not sure what the WOWS player equivalent would be) all of which we'll be able to summarize in the new expression "JUst duCk! tm" (or "JuSt diVe) Can't wait.
  6. LoveZeppelin

    Mysore has no "Indian" captain option

    Well, devs can always retrofit the relevant options to the Commonwealth captain selections. We won't say a word, promise. I know nothing about WG marketing plans, but I do recall a series of articles in 2019 about WG's intentions to expand WOWS into India and to offer content of interest to players, camos, flags, premium ships, and stock captains with relevant identities would seem standard requirements for a basic marketing package. Mysore's release has been drowned somewhat in the process of Chinese New Year event, captain skill rework, italian bb excitement... all a bit limp tbh. I'm sure all of us who play WOWS would be pleased to see the selectable option of in game captain avatars who are relevant to Indian Navy ships within the Commonwealth tech tree. The game is built around player ability to theme their content as they see fit, there is an ongoing expectation and so demand for this. The game does use the Commonwealth flag of which India (like Cyprus anecdotally, where WG is HQ'd) is a significant contributor (most populous member for a start), thus the oversight is very odd the more I think it about (I am surely overthinking this, but I won't be alone). Apologies if my replies appear to nag, but I am sure you know they are not directed at yourself, but at those that slave away in the sweaty dev mines.
  7. LoveZeppelin

    Mysore has no "Indian" captain option

    Thanks for your reply. But the explanation is a little weird, I mean we have one Australian, and one Canadian warship each in WOWS, each have captains with names that resonate with their "flags", yet now we have one Indian ship, the same no longer applies? We shouldn't need more Indian ships to make this a thing, one should be enough, just as it is enough for Canada and Australia. Is this a cost thing? There must be some more reasonable explanation.
  8. LoveZeppelin

    Mysore has no "Indian" captain option

    ouch, thanks for catching that
  9. I'd just like to point out the obvious, or perhaps not so obvious. INS Mysore, which sailed under an Indian Navy flag (and captains!) from 1957 onwards, has no Indian captain available for her. Just a reminder, India is a member of the Commonwealth, it would have been a nice gesture to include Indian navy avatars (above all names, but perhaps a couple of portraits/uniforms too) with the Commonwealth captain carrousel. As players can change both portraits and names to suit their own taste, nobody could possibly have a reasonable reason to reject such an option. Historical figures are difficult (such as Sourendra Nath Kohli who commanded Mysore in the 1950s), but fictional names should not be too hard to devise, or maybe I am naive in thinking this? is this an oversight @MrConway?
  10. LoveZeppelin

    Mysore vs Perth

    So I just bought Mysore, I already have the Perth. I like both although where are the Indian captains?
  11. LoveZeppelin

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    that's rather a long way to say "situational", why use 3 words when a single word exists to do the job?
  12. 380mm, biggest baddest guns of supercruisers.
  13. LoveZeppelin

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    yes but in English, the correct term which means "is activated (passive tense as player does not press a button) in specific situations" = situational, not active. It is a quesiton of employing the correct vocabulary. Maybe a translation issue.
  14. There is a total absence of "range" logic in WOWS, dds that have more range than light cruisers, bbs that have less range on their secondaries than dds with identical guns. In the past, with AFT, light cruisers sometimes hard better range than heavy cruisers, so the problem is not new, just different. I wish there were some coherent framework logic underlying main and secondary battery range in WOWS. We used to discuss this much more back in alpha and beta days, since then devs have muddied the waters..
  15. LoveZeppelin

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    I agree, the descriptions are badly done. It is not an "active" skill, but a "situational" skill. @Sehales a minor but probably helpful suggestion, and an easy dev edit for the captain skill descriptions.