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  1. SquibSurefire

    BBs in the sub mode

    You missed the choice of "Just dodge"
  2. SquibSurefire

    Now were getting serious numbers of AAA DD's...

    how does that make radar any different, what about rocket planes?
  3. SquibSurefire

    Another cost of test ship secrecy

    It certainly sounds to me like a bunch of the mods and organizers posting in this tread work for WG with the amount of certainty that is being used in their posts. I wonder if WG know whether they are paying them?
  4. SquibSurefire

    Another cost of test ship secrecy

    It will take much longer for the voices objecting to something or highlighting a problem to become impossible for WG to ignore and only serves to give them more time to (pick your option) cover it up / brush it aside / fix it before it gets to that point. There is a hidden nuke in there thou, when WG now says "here you go guys, this is finished, you can now review it" and whatever they are offering is broken you will have set that nuke off. Doing anything other than launching the completed product is an admission that they cannot do what they are supposed to do ans simply refer to the spreadsheets being balanced.
  5. SquibSurefire

    CV games with Halland are unfun

    I honestly wonder sometimes, why is this tread allowed to be here when every single other dd vs cv thread is locked and told to got to the cv balance discussion thread. What makes this one different?
  6. SquibSurefire

    4 x DD 2 x CV every second match, thx for fun

    4DD'sper side? I have not seen a game with that many DD's a side in weeks. Was there a division of 3 DD's on one team by any chance? I am personally seeing more games with 0 DD's than I am seeing games with 3 or more on each side.
  7. SquibSurefire

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    but was it fun being shat on?
  8. SquibSurefire

    Abusive language / player attitude

    you also feel the change in the wind?
  9. SquibSurefire

    Abusive language / player attitude

    WG have not listened to the more vocal forum contributes about how they personally experience the level of fun playing against CV. Next step it to tell the players how much fun they personally have about playing against CV's. I guess you at least are hearing them...
  10. SquibSurefire

    Anyone else think the DDs have gotten ridiculous?

    They decided that with all the hard spotting counters it was :gasp: no longer fun...
  11. because we were discussing how WG bring these bad feelings of the player base upon themselves in a different thread. but NVM if the discussion does not interest you.
  12. @Allied_Winter, here is another fine example of WG shooting themselves in the foot and pissig the player base off.
  13. Ok, WG's fault. seems people select only the sentences the read and consider that they want to. Try reading the entire post and read all the sentences int he context that the post offers them. hint - My entire post was directed towards WG and you happen to be a representative of them. And yes, while not directly in their employ, you were the WG ear that I was talking to.
  14. The community 'reeeeed' as you put it because they do not believe that WG is capable of not abusing the fact that the would be able to balance ships and not start the 'bait and switch' tactic. Yes...... maybe there were a few that wanted to keep their OP ships but I was reading far more about how most people simply did not think they could trust WG. Kinda your own fault really.
  15. Sorry, we not allowed to discuss moderation of the forums, but it happens and there is ZERO recourse