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  1. fleshcat

    Dev blog 9.12 the good and the bad

    looks like every christmas WG likes to piss off the player base by its dockyard event.
  2. fleshcat


    care to show your stats?
  3. fleshcat


    You started with 40-45%, now you learned and improved to 60-65%, obviously your skill is improved, thus 60% and 40% are not equally skilld. But since you hide your stats, who knows. From what I see, people hide stats just for one reason: tired of being stats shamed. and from what I've seen, 50% rarely gets stats shamed On the topic, I agree with you that CV players must be extremly good to not get blamed.this is due to most CV haters don't play CV and think CV is superman in the game. So if your performance is less than superman? you get reported;
  4. Last year and this year's tier 10 ship snowflake reward is bad, if you don't wanna give us steel for tier 10 ships, at least give us supercontainer, small santa gift is nothing
  5. I myself like dreadnought too, I remember someone suggested that WG should make a world war 1 dreadnought mode, I like this idea. but only if my teammates and opponents are ALL dreadnoughts.............they put a deadnought to fight against 75+ kt torpedos/45+ kt DDs, that's a disaster
  6. These ships are slow, super long reload time. if you miss a salvo you are screwed. You can't retreat, you can't pursuit. It's disgusting to play. Why did you design such a line????????? Is this some sort of russian bias? Look at 2nd russian cruiser line, and compare to this.
  7. Saves a lot of time? sounds like you die in the first 3 min and come out to port for the second game
  8. Maybe you can play some CV?
  9. fleshcat

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    32 containers 1000 x 8 doubloons 7 x 2 days premium 1500 x 1 steel 15000 x 1 coal 50000 x 5 free EXP Premium ship California x 1 + bunch of camos and flags
  10. This game ended so quickly because one side is almost full of noobs and one side only have one noob. The losing players feel very bad, and the winning players doesn't enjoy that much and game ended quickly. Why can't you balance the MM based on player's win rate? Ships doesn't matter that much, players matters. If a noob drives a OP ship then that ship is not OP.
  11. fleshcat

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    if History have no place, this game should not even exist.... History is EVERYWHERE in this game. What's the latest WOWS official video? naval HISTORY
  12. fleshcat

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    Historically, CV SHOULD be a dominate ship class. WG should make CV twice or even triple as hard to grind as of now, to balance this. This way, they don't even have to do CV reworks.
  13. fleshcat

    Server down?

    right after I won a ranked game server downed wtf? i am gonna be furious if i lose that star
  14. fleshcat

    I'm shocked

    I transfered from NA to EU recently so I know what happened. When they offered this transfer opportunity on NA website, they had this button "transfer to EU". I planned to transfer to EU so I clicked it. AND MY REQUEST WAS SENT. there were no confirmation no questions asking "are you sure you want to transfer from NA to EU? ", one click and your request was sent. Since I already planned to come to EU so I didn't do anything after, but I am still shocked that how bad they are at doing customer experience. I can imagine a lot of ppl accidently clicked that button and transfered and they don't even know about it.