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  1. HawkDouk

    Best playing day ever

    3 21 pointers after getting rid of unused ones and putting that to 3 19 ones.
  2. HawkDouk

    Best playing day ever

    I feel sorry for those with lots of 19 point commanders.. As for me i get something out of dismissing all my unused ones, well 25% anyway no way will i spend doubloons.
  3. HawkDouk

    Rare Game 4 me

    Well the captain skill changes may affect that.
  4. HawkDouk

    Rare Game 4 me

    Very rarely do i pilot a BB with any success, this was a nice change. BB's seem to be the meta in T8 ranked atm. Used all my heals somehow the Kidd managed to survive as well. 10 more seconds the CV would have been sunk too.
  5. HawkDouk

    Chat restrictions?

    I'm a chatban repeat offender also...send me to the Gulags
  6. HawkDouk


    The FDR planes have lots of HP, so it takes more damage to knock them down. That was the point of the screenshot
  7. HawkDouk


    Nah no more just that but as i only played the game within the last hour you would be correct i was trying to help lesser AA ships, poor old Mino got picked on in the opening few minutes. Still a competitive game but that FDR just wore down everyones HP.
  8. HawkDouk


    93k damage 6 planes down.......say what you will....
  9. HawkDouk


    Really getting POQ with these disconnects and always at a criticial moment then imminent death. Dont tell me its my ISP.
  10. HawkDouk

    Do you want submarines in the game?

  11. HawkDouk

    How long we gonna play in broken servers with DC's?

    Getting DC more in the last few weeks than ever before.
  12. HawkDouk

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    As far as a submariner is concerned there are only 2 types of vessels-other submarines and the rest are all targets
  13. HawkDouk

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Yep we will I am due on the next trip to the ISS so I can look down at all the cretins that exist on this planet............oh that’s sarcasm in case you didn’t know.
  14. HawkDouk

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Wow worlds a mess worried about video game winrate
  15. HawkDouk

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    You can’t please all of the people all of the time, only some people some of the time.