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  1. Fastwolf_66

    The Ohio Is Bad

    Well... that depends on your playstyle. I'm regrinding the german BBs... for third time. I play very aggressive, and the optimal close range armor, the high HP, the excellent secondaries and the hydro all make a nice combo for me. Best BBs for winning rate or carrying or supporting maybe not, but I play for fun... and the german BBs are like a glove for my playstyle. Also, having 19 points captains on all the line makes grinding a lot more comfortable. I dodge torps like a champ, all the time. Guess enemy DDs don't expect big sluggish targets to dance. The guns need a lot of help, but armor, secondaries and HP.... they are really nice. PLus not a bad speed. Question of personal tastes. I love BB play, dislike the kiting HE spamming style of the cruisers, or the island hugging. And BBs like the german ones, Bourgogne, or Georgia... All are really fun for me. Ohio a big dissapointment. A pity you cannot be too aggressive on the EU server, too many conservative players and little support. NA was more fun for me. On the end, it's just a matter of what line do you like and what playstyle you chose. All lines have nice characteristics... well... maybe old Izumo not ;) And surprisingly, I dont like a lot the russian BBs... I know they are good, but disliked a lot the Sinop. Guess bow tanking is boring for me.
  2. Fastwolf_66

    Dallas and Helena - opinions & advice, please.

    +1, I love my helena. fragile, but devastating firepower if used well. Requires IFHE and CE, so high level captain. But nice ship if you know how to captain her. Plus, 15 rifles helps hitting enemies at distance, or devastating them and medium/short range.
  3. Fastwolf_66

    ST - Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    I hope they improve that... if not, almost useless torps. Just ONE torp per attack at 25 kt???
  4. Fastwolf_66

    Leaving the game . TY WOWS but...

    I agree at a certain grade of RNG is necessary for the game, but for example on WoT it looks more controlled, the shoots come inside a circle that shrinks as you aim. That is decent RNG. About the toxicity of the community I agree, but i was complaining about the quality of the teamplay, on NA many times people understood the difference between an standard game and a cap game, and when to push. On EU (on my low experience here) people almost NEVER push, even when needed or when winning. Always a snipe and hide fest. As a BB main that is a little frustrating, specially when your patience runs out and you push to try to win (only chance) and get obliterated due to no support... is like people doesn't care about winning. Less toxic yes, on NA you see a lot more of curses and insults. Talking about randoms, I almost always play there. Operations are nice and fun, like them. Coop too easy, don't have an opinion. Have fun!
  5. Fastwolf_66

    Leaving the game . TY WOWS but...

    Fully agree. RNG is out of hands now, this game is less of a game and more of a lottery now. Not a problem if you like to play lottery... I prefer more simulator games. Even CV players complain of RNG, perfectly aimed bombs or rockets failing. And probably the ONLY part rng was fine, AA, was changed to this continuous damage model... lol
  6. Fastwolf_66

    Leaving the game . TY WOWS but...

    I disagree. Almost 10.000 games, 55% win rate, Alpha and Beta test player, playing since the start, almost all ships researched and purchased. And I'm on the verge of abandoning the game also, it's becoming NOT fun. 80% of the games are predetermined, doesn't matter if you make an excellent game or play like garbage, the teams are so unbalanced that on 4 mins it's clear who will win, with one side 5 ships lost. Same ship, same targets, same aim, and in some games is almost always overpens and in others you collect citadelles and dev. strikes. SAME SHIP SAME TARGETS SAME AIM. And of course in the overpens one you lose. It's like RNG its not Random, but directed. And as a player I don't like that, that I have won or lost before starting the match. LOTS of really, really bad players here on EU server. I was playing on NA server, and its very different. This is a camping fest, no one push or cap (not even DDs) and many players look like (probably they are) 8 years old. This was a good game with a HUGE potential. Now an mindless RNG driven arcade. Dissapointed. HE spam, high tiers games impossible to push, CVs a big nuissance, not balanced at all (AA useless or deadly, no middle point) and soon with submarines, almost sure will be another debacle. So I understand the player. A little RNG is neccesary for the game. To play lottery, I buy a lottery ticket, at least I have a (slight) chance of making money. I play games for skill and fun, and this game is going not on that way.
  7. Fastwolf_66

    pros and cons of European dd's

    Plus torpedo speed, range and super narrow spread. Really torpedo boats, guns decent but not operable (need to go broadside or lose half of guns, from tier VII) Alpha improves a lot on IX and X, I really enjoyed the VI and I'm enjoying the IX, with decent torpedoes at 13.5 km and 90 kts, and improved alpha (the bigger issue with the EU DDs). AA good, but without smoke you still suffer against enemy CVs (sometimes need to go dark to avoid fire and you cannot) To resume, pure torp DDs with usable guns, no HP, decent AA, no smoke, SLOW speed for DDs from tier VII ahead. The slow speed and lack of smoke makes you have a problem if an enemy DD chases you. NOT cap contesters, but nice flankers (torp soup is real, fast reload, fast speed)
  8. Fastwolf_66

    The Ohio Is Bad

    I fully agree. I am a BB main, love the bourgogne (hard to use but very rewarding) and love the Georgia, and i expected a georgia with one more turret. This thing, the ohio, is sluggish, feel unarmored, slow, random guns (normally uneffective)... cannot make that work, I disliked it. Dont know what it needs to be effective, but for now, is NOT a good ship, even with the excellent secondaries. Need better armor, more speed, or similar. And a defined role. Is NOT a brawler or charger, is NOT a sniper, is NOT a bow tanker.
  9. Fastwolf_66

    Viribus Unitis for coal?

    Its really bad, Im a BB main and cannot make the thing work. Decent guns, nothing else, horrible armor.
  10. Fastwolf_66

    King of the Sea Camo

    one time, unfortunately. Big bonuses
  11. Fastwolf_66

    Impossible to join battle

  12. Fastwolf_66

    Game decides to quit in strange way???

    same, on coop, suddenly out, as if the battle never happened... and ship available. No results, none. Server glitch?
  13. Fastwolf_66

    Georgia's sigma

    Different beasts... georgia is really fast, ohio not. I prefer a lot more the georgia (flanking, overruning CAs, etc). Plus is a tier IX. Its a flanker, not a sniper.
  14. Hi, recently transfered from NA, looking for a non stressful clan, normally I DONT play clan wars or divisions, but from time to time like to division or make operations. Plenty of tier X (basically all of them, regrinding a few lines), almost guaranteed 10 containers per week, 55% win rate. Can use teamspeak, discord or similar, but again, I wan t a relaxed, zero obligations clan. Can bring a few casual players with me. I speak english and spanish. Thanks