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  1. The_Chiv

    Dutch Destroyer Spotted!

    You are correct on the sweedish line, I confused Halland with Holland for some odd reason. And while you are correct WG has shoehorned a cruiser into a dd role before, this does not mean it is a good thing. Just look at how often you see ships like Elbing or the A.Rogolo. Also it should be pointed out that both those examples have escape mechanism. The Tromp is also smaller interms of length and displacement. Just giving this line a bit more armor could make a world of difference.
  2. The_Chiv

    Dutch Destroyer Spotted!

    No but you can use the Autobot Ark camo
  3. The_Chiv

    Dutch Destroyer Spotted!

    I have spent like 2 hours looking over this ship's stats doing comparisons and trying to figure out how she fits into the game. Frankly the ship is not that good. Traditionally for most destroyers you can look at them in 3 ways. Gun focus (Haragumo and Marceau), Torp focus (Halland and Shimakaze) and Hybrid (Gearing and Z52). Wargaming has been for some time now trying to break away from these molds with their dds. Fine examples of this are the Italian dd's and even the German Heavy dd line shows some aspect of it. This type of focus is based more on the gimmick and said gimmick dictates the style of play. What makes this worse is TROMP, unlike many t10's actually existed. IT WAS A CRUISER. Looking at her real-life stats, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HNLMS_Tromp_(1937) , she should have stayed there. WG painted themselves into a nasty corner and are desperate to release new ships. Fact is a majority of the EU dd line is in fact DUTCH, so rather than doing a proper DD line for the EU and changing a flag for the already established DUTCH dd line and giving away a free legendary commander for the Dutch, we get this. As a cruiser this ship makes some sense (though that reload is pretty much t8) As a destroyer I would not play it. Sure, the gimmick of Airstrike and Romulan Cloaking technology can open up some interesting avenues of driving the enemy into your torps but as a DD it just feels wrong. Now can Wargaming possibly do some stat changes to make this ship better, probably. The two biggest issues I have with this "CONVERSION" is the reload time and the armor. Taking a Light cruisers and striping its armor to suit a shoehorn is just dumb. At19mm of armor this ship will be a victim to every other dd in the game as the long reload, lack of speed, lack of agility, and lack of smoke will mean doing any sort of spotting or cap contesting is out of the cards. Once spotted by a faster DD it is dead. Personally, I would rather see it have non superstructure armor around 22-23mm thus making HE shells from 130mm and below useless and allowing it to actually make use of its 5.9km conceal. Seeing as AP and Sap are things these days this change is not a bad one and would in fact give a bit more utility to the Italian DD line as a counter play option. Now on to the reload. So at best you can get this to like 6.5 pre AR and at 50% life 5.9 which is still bad but anything lower could possibly make it a bit too good IMO. One other reload most of you will overlook is the airstrike. 40 seconds may not seem like much but as you need 80 seconds total to get both flights it does tend to be limiting. This gets ever more annoying when you realize that due to wargaming's wisdom in terms of commander skill rework it is denied a skill that could reduce this to. 36 seconds which would make the whole combo play aspect of torps and airstrike a bit more functional of a tool set. All in all in its current form I am not impressed by this ship and if Wargaming was to release this today as is I would avoid like the plague as I would rate this ship as a "D". While the combo gimmick seems cool on paper the reality is at best it is a one trick pony and at worst extremely situational. Adding on to this the fact that the ship itself is extremely easy for other DD's to punish as it does not have the means to escape or fight back in any significant manner. Even in and Elbing which is regarded as a horrible dd. I can trade favorably with other dds for the most part. This thing cannot, nor can it escape. If you are spotted by another dd and they give chase you are 100% reliant on your team to save you as your DPM and inability to escape means the enemy dd will have the advantage. As anyone who has ever played a dd will tell you that depending on your team to save you is a futile dream. On a side note; There is one exception to why I would play this ship. So I can replace its perm camo with the autobot ark camo and meme in chat "Orange man BAD" P.S. Her final form had 4 x depth charge launcher on the aft. Two port, two starboard. She also had 4x2 40mm bofors not 2x1 40mm bofors.
  4. The_Chiv

    Where is this game going? Please save Wows.

    Yes a t8 can compete with t10, but it is not an easy feat. 2 level may feel daunting but if you go into it thinking you have no chance you have already lost. being bottom tier means you have to play smart and cautiously. Wargaming is a company. They will do what they want to make money, democracy is of little use to making money, unless you are a US senator or congressmen. I have no issue with cv's being more effective to DDs, however spotting done by a CV should be restricted to just the cv or limited to say within 10km or so of the planes.
  5. same mouse and setting but steele seres ultra wide mat.
  6. The_Chiv

    Need exspert help, How can this happen ?

    It always amazes me how people claim they were only speaking a truth in order to justify blatant bigotry and treating their fellow man like trash.
  7. The_Chiv

    Terrain Avoidance Torpedos?

  8. The_Chiv

    Need exspert help, How can this happen ?

    There are three ways to get chat banned in this game. One a report system that means if enough people got tired of you running your mouth and reported you you got a chat ban this can be appealed only if it is found that it the reports were done maliciously. Two an automated system that looks for certain key words and phrases. Three someone actually screenshotted your conversation and did a ticket report. It is also important to remember that these systems are not instantaneous and may take a bit of time to kick in. So to answer your question you got reported multiple times to kick off the system to chat ban you, and then the Automated system caught you as well. As someone who has been chat banned often I can tell you right now that if you got it you most likely earned it.
  9. Detonation and having your armor overmatched by bb shells that leads to multiple citadels are two different things. Shchors has 75mm covering the belt citadel but has only 50mm covering the top of the citadel. Seeing as the deck armor is 25mm any bb shell of 357mm or greater will overmatch it and dig into the citadel.
  10. The_Chiv

    French CA or BB?

    I am actually enjoying the new French BC/ super cruiser line. T8 Cherbourg is the ultimate active dodge master having the same turning circle and similar rudder shift time as a fiji. The Brest is less agile, but its accuracy is just almost Stalingrad's level. Most will think you just bow tank in and you are fine, this is wrong as having a 25mm bow and 30-36mm means you will eat tons of HE damages and fire. Where I found this line being amazing is to angle away from the enemy with and using reverse as your forward to the enemy but when you start to get targeted throttle juking and use your speed boost to throw off your opponent's aim. The long reload may be seen as a downside as you cannot pump out dpm, but it does tend to allow a battle doctrine of hit once, hit hard, and disengage before you are focused. In this regard this line is extremely amazing. TLDR; The french bc line can be both fun and challenging and requires a bit more skill and forethought to play effectively, but once proficient in some basic cruiser concepts you will be nicely rewarded.
  11. You are not wrong, but at the same time it is a team game. imagine you were playing football and your goalie was just laying down not even trying. That is how most people look at those who say I play for fun in randoms or rank.
  12. The_Chiv

    is Aquila worth it?

    I actually had a match a bit ago where a super tester was playing it. We were down to 5 to 2 but that cv literally turned the match around and saved the win. Was the first time in a long time I actually complimented a cv player.
  13. The_Chiv

    Cruiser rebalance please.

    Hi, cruiser main here. You have some valid points, and some not so valid points. You know you need to improve, admitting this is the first step to self-improvement, something most players in this game do not comprehend so good on you. There are many cruiser lines that use to be amazing only to be power crept by WG with newer ships. WG does this on purpose in order to keep people involved and participating. It makes perfect sense for a bb to focus on a cruiser, Overmatch plus a bxp differential for damage done to cruisers are some pretty nice incentives, and most bb players know that a smart cruiser player who last past the mid game can be more aggressive with their dpm and outperform them. Damage is fine, though im sure I and other could make a case-by-case argument on some specific ships. Agreed Island humping is still a thing, and something I was doing yesterday in the Southern Dragon which is just a myoko with the most obnoxious please shoot me camo. The problem is many do not learn spots where they can effectively do it and play their cruisers more reactionary. Not entirely true. Ships like the Cherbourg can use active maneuvering, and throttle juking very effectively to tank 3 million potential damage. Learning your ships strength and weaknesses as well as trying to throw off you opponent's aim are very important skills take practice. Not true. Repair amounts are based on a coefficient calculation. These coefficients are not uniform and different nations and ships have specific values. If you look at say the fuso then any pen(HE/AP/SAP) on the hull or body of the ship that is not a citadel has a .5 coefficient. Meaning that if you took 10k to the bow you can repair back 5k. Citadels taken on a fuso is .1 and fire/flood is 1.0(thus you can heal back 100% of this damage as long as you have enough heals. I would suggest you check this video out for a better explanation Now this may seem like I am advocating that there is nothing wrong with the cruisers in the current meta. I am not. To put it simply I think WG needs to rethink a few aspects of this game, most notably spotting and overmatch. For the longest time cruisers were the primary defenders of DD's trying to push caps, but due to some exploitable spotting mechanics introduced in the cv rework this paradigm has died. Now you have dds having to push in alone for the most part due to no cruiser player wanting to die in the first 3 minutes of play. Trust me when I say I love hunting dds as they are the best xp/ credit farm per damage, but if I get nuked after one salvo it is really not worth it for me. This creates an environment where dd players need to learn how to not only stay alive, cap, but also fight against other dd's all while keeping vision on the enemy for their team (which I can tell you tends to in most cases leads to blow out matches) If there was to be any changes, I would suggest that overmatch have a range cap. Under x range overmatch works as intended over x range it does not, however this will never happen because as we all know the majority of the player base identifies as BB mains and WG has already been lessening their fun with both subs and cv and any more changes could possibly kill the game. Spotting on the other hand is something wg 100% can do something about and would make many of their more recent bbs and bc lines a bit more viable. Outside of that I think the only real positive change that can be made is a case-by-case modification of stats and more module offerings including unique and legendries.