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  1. CrazyPappy_1

    Je cherche des amis !

    Ok merci!
  2. CrazyPappy_1

    Je cherche des amis !

    Bonjour, J’ai commencé à jouer à WOWS à la fin novembre dernier. Je ne veux pas nécessairement faire parti d’un clan car je ne désire pas avoir à me brancher sur TS ou Discord à chaque fois que je joue mais j’aimerai bien faire des pelotons avec d’autres joueurs. Présentement, je joue surtout avec les porte-avions de tiers VI et VIII ou des BB tiers VI et j’ai une trentaine de navires dans mon port. J’ai aussi des écouteurs avec micro. Si vous êtes intéressé, faites moi signe !
  3. CrazyPappy_1

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    Thanks for your honest feedback, El2aZeR, more big hugs to you !!!!! With your support & encouragement, I really think that I am making good progress. I now have a win rate of 59% with Arc Royal and overall win rates of 54.35% with my carriers in the last 7 days. Thx again for all your help !!
  4. CrazyPappy_1

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    I like my new Shokaku !!! I won 7 of my first 10 battles with her!! I haven't finished to research everyting for the ship and only have a 10 skill captain for her. But playing her is a lot of fun !!! And a lot less expensive than buying Kaga. I found her a lot easier to play than my Saipan
  5. CrazyPappy_1

    Kaga VS Shokaku

    Merci pour vos commentaires, c'es très intéressants!
  6. CrazyPappy_1

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    Luckily, I am a very stable CV genius! Thx for all your nice comments. BTW, I just unlocked Shokaku. Big hugs to all!
  7. CrazyPappy_1

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    I know realise that , when I was grinding the 3 CV line at about the same time, I made the mistake of switching playing one cv to play ther other (for example, to have the first victory of the day bonus). That's bad because, each time I changed CV, I had to re-adjust to the new one. For example, I would fire Ark Royal's torp with the same lead in front of the target that I would use for Ryujo, witch will likely produce a miss... UPDATE: in my last 10 random battles today with Ryujo, I had 7 victories.
  8. CrazyPappy_1

    Best Aircraft Carrier Nation Per Tier

    I own Ranger, Ryojo Furious and Royal Arc and I most say that my favorite carrier is Ryojo for his torpedo planes (50 knots torps, you dont even need torpedo accelleration). And her planes look really cool! . The amount of citadel hit generated by her dive bombers is just ridiculous. Ranger is shelved right now as her captain is on board my Lexington/Saipan. I dont really like Hermes. Arc Royal is a nice ships, better than Hermes. Ranger is a very good CV and grinding it to Lexington was fun.
  9. CrazyPappy_1

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    In fact, I have started to research all the CV's branches in January. I now have Ranger. Lexington fully researched with Saipan as trainer for my US captain (15 skill points),. Furious fully researched with Arc Royal as British trainer (captain with 12 skill points) and Ryojo and a 12 skill points captain. Most of the game I played were with a not developped CV with a low point captain. But I feel that I am guetting better at playiong CV's, thanks in part to all those YouTube videos. But Saipan is hard to play and I am a bit tired of Arc Royals's biplanes... ANd I need silver to develop my ships !
  10. CrazyPappy_1

    Shokaku VS Kaga

    I really enjoy playing CV's . I have almost unlock the Shokaku and I am wondering if Kaga's game play is different? I am thinking of buying her but I am not sure yet.
  11. CrazyPappy_1

    Kaga VS Shokaku

    J'aime beaucoup jouer les CV. J'ai presque débloqué le Shokaku (CV Japonais tier VIII). Je me demandais si le Kaga est différent? J'aimerai acheter ce CV premium mais J'hésite encore.
  12. CrazyPappy_1

    Navires pour clan war

    ok, merci pour vos conseils!
  13. CrazyPappy_1

    Navires pour clan war

    J'ai commencé à jouer à Wows en novembre dernier. J ai beaucoup Joué à World of tanks avant et je sais que certains tanks sont plus recherchés pour les clans war que d'autres. Même chose pour les bastions. J imagine que c est la même chose pour wows. J aime beaucoup les cv ( je viens de finir d équiper mon Lexington) et les BB. Tant qu' à développer des navires, j aimerai bien développer les bons! Des suggestions ?
  14. CrazyPappy_1


    Je suis nouveau a WOW . Au plaisir de vous croiser ! Je pense commencer à chercher un clan quand j'aurais atteint le nombre requis de parties jouees.