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  1. x_FETCH_x

    Cruisers and battleships for a newcomer

    now this game is not about ships . now it's a game of planes, smoke and torpedoes ... so sorry.
  2. x_FETCH_x

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Всех с Новым годом , счастья и успехов :)
  3. x_FETCH_x

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    52. Hey, I would take the Alabama. Thx and good luck
  4. May already be enough to measure the pussies , it's a game , not a political project . For some reason, you are not surprised by the appearance of spaceships in the game , but the "paper" draft advice touches a nerve . Why no one wants to talk , and paper projects of the Britons , the French, and so on ..... Might just play this game and not talk to me about racism , communism , capitalism , and other crap . I came here to play from Russia , there are several reasons : the number of AFK here several times less the number of drunks is not adequate, also less online above , olo-olo morons too less . Maybe we can just play a fun game together ... (Google translator )