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  1. luokailk

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    rumor from debugging says it's in the research bureau
  2. Guys, I'm new to this and I play WOWS only from Steam. According to the last announcement: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-0107/ "It's easier than ever to take part in the Public Test—you can now log in using your main account details. To do that, select "Public Test" in the Game Instance menu of the Wargaming Game Center. " So after I download the WGC install file, it asks me to choose the install place for the public test (39GB required). Can I just choose the Steam install location (EX. STEAMLIBRARY\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\WOWS)? -will it save my space and downloading time? -will it overwrite my steam part and destroy it? -do we have a better way here? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, will she stay in the armory after update 0.10.7 so we can apply the coupon? @MrConway It was not so clear in the announcement. Thanks in advance
  4. EU server down? Can't login for 20 min. Can you please check it? @MrConway Thanks in advance
  5. luokailk

    New Missouri for FXP as before?

    Thanks and WG greedy, would be the first T9 only for Doubloons
  6. that's what I meant, the recent win rate is way below my average.
  7. Hi guys, New Missouri for FXP as before? 750k FXP?
  8. I ranked out in smaland many times dude, with a previous WR of 55%, so I'm pretty sure this time WG did something (last 4 days WR around 10%), right before I can get the last token, just to keep me in the ranked lol
  9. untrue. I mentioned clearly the ranked win rate, see above. My ranked WR was 55% but this sprint it's less than 10%, not normal at all
  10. that's what I meant: it's NOT NORMAL for a WR 51% guys constantly has a WR of 5% right before he can rank out. The only reason to me is that WG wants me to play more ranked, which is a very demotivating way!
  11. WG lower down win rate to make us play more in ranked. Background: I'm an average player with ranked WR 51% in gold league, and I'm now 1 token away from a camo. My smalland WR was 55% This sprint, I've lost 190 out of 200 games in small and this week, and stopped around rank 3. I don't believe that it's my problem to lose 19 games then win another everyday. You'll laugh when checking the WR of your teammates afterwards. For example 4 silver league guys on my side and hurricane tags in the red team. The only reason is that WG wants us to play more in this way. Do you guys feel the same? A good way to demotivate us to play the game!
  12. luokailk

    When will Black be back?

    Hi guys, When will Black be back? Neustrashimmy has been brought back for a long time, and now it’s time for black as promised by WG :) @MrConway
  13. Yes, that’s what I meant: no need to buy FXP as WG rarely release FXP ships!
  14. Guys, No need to buy special signals and Free XP as no new FXP ships have been announced for almost 2 years. What do you think?