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  1. Thanks a lot mate! So it's not OP ( at least worse than Daring and Black) but a strong ship, 2M FXP, emm...
  2. Is Smaland OP, compared to Daring, Neutrashimy and black? If so, is she worth the 2M FXP?
  3. Thanks! I'd like to mentioned 2 points here: 1. Many light cruisers have DD size main gun (Flint, Atlanta, Smolensk, etc.) so related skills like faster reload and longer range should be kept for them to choose; 2. All battle cruisers /Big cruisers (Alaska, Moskva, Stalingrad, etc.) have BB-like characters so fire prevention is a must have according to WG design. Imagine when guys paid for Alaska because they know they will use fire prevention, and later WG told them that they can't :) The above 2 class of cruisers are quit different from any "normal" cruisers, so in the future classification, would be nice to take it into consideration, rather than disappointing the current player base. Make good things better!
  4. luokailk

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    100 India Yankee 100 Juliet Charlie It is a JOKE WG, isn't it?
  5. RIP Slava new skill lv 4: Nimble reduce enemy ship accuracy, dispersion +20% For those mates who are resetting 5 lines or plan to pay for the research points, think twice now. WG will remove the only good thing on Slava, in some sense.
  6. That's how WG works: show you something nice so you will buy it, then they nerf it, and show you another thing interesting, you know what will happened next then...
  7. WG logic: Sell Atlanta this summer ( the camo), now plan to nerf it (NO AFT) Sell Smolensk previously (was VERY popular), now plan to nerf it (NO AFT) Sell Odin, Pomm this summer, now plan to nerf all German BB secondary Sell Battlecruiser Alaska, Stalin, Moskva, now plan to nerf it (no fire prevention). Guys, keep this in your mind: if you want to buy some ship in WOWS, be ready to be nerf so you may not eventually get the same good things that you paid for.
  8. luokailk

    What would be the top pick for tier X ranked

    Not sure after the IFHE nerf, she is not effective against cruisers now.
  9. luokailk

    What would be the top pick for tier X ranked

    Thanks a lot mate! So can I conclude that Thunderer is a better option for ranked/CW, and situationally better in random, compared to Slava?
  10. luokailk

    What would be the top pick for tier X ranked

    So you are saying that Thunderer AP is very close to Slava, but her HE is FAR MORE better than Slava? Which comes to the conclusion that Thunderer is more OP than Slava (in ranked and in Random)?
  11. luokailk

    What would be the top pick for tier X ranked

    Thanks mate, you made my day, especially the CV part. But the CV EXP has been nerfed, so it may not be the best option for saving stars?
  12. Guys. What would be the top pick for tier X ranked, in each class and overall?
  13. luokailk

    Free Captain Skill Point Redistribution?

    You made my day
  14. Hi guys, I’d like to know your opinion for the upcoming X ranked: Which ship is more helpful (easier) to the victory, Stalingrad or Smaland? Please explain it a bit, thanks in advance 🙂
  15. luokailk

    How to aim CV bomber and corps accordingly?

    Thanks a lot! What about torping a DD? And maybe a general guideline for the DB? :)