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  1. Capitani! Presto arriverà l'aggiornamento 0.9.7: come al solito, potete lasciare i vostri feedback e le vostre opinioni personali a questo thread.
  2. TheWarJaC

    Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35

    Hi Captain, it was my mistake: I forgot to mention that it was the offer related to the bundles expiring, in my comment. The portal article included the correct information from the beginning. My apologies
  3. TheWarJaC


    Capitani, Vi volevo avvertire che sarò in vacanza dal 1 fino al 24 di Agosto, per ogni evenienza potete contattare gli altri Community Managers (ENG). A presto!
  4. TheWarJaC

    Public Test 0.9.7 - Feedback Generali

    Capitani! Presto sposterò questo thread nell'Archivio, grazie mille per aver partecipate al Public Test dell'aggiornamento 0.9.7.
  5. TheWarJaC

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Aaha, after all, it is a supertaster program: you will be able to super-taste every single kind of food of the Universe! (Including kebab.) Thank you for noticing guys, just the latest auto-correct sabotage. 😉
  6. TheWarJaC

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Captains! I am glad to inform you that we finished processing among the Supertester applicants; we have already contacted all the selected candidates for the interview step. If you didn’t receive a private message on the forum from us, it means that, unfortunately, you are not part of the list this time: but don’t worry, there are going to be other occasions for you in the future! We received a lot of submissions: it was hard to decide among all your excellent profiles. Note: Due to the uncertain nature of the interview process, some other candidates may still be contacted later. Thank you again for applying to our Supertester program!
  7. TheWarJaC

    Problema ricompense twich

    Ciao Capitano, Come suggerito da B0t3z, prova a disconnettere il tuo account Amazon con quello WG e poi a connetterlo di nuovo. Anche fare il log out - log-in dal tuo account WG potrebbe aiutare. Se tutto questo non dovesse risolvere il problema, puoi aprire un ticket con l'assistenza e mandarmi il Ticket-ID tramite un messaggio privato? Ci sono anche altri giocatori che non riescono ad ottenere le ricompense e stiamo investigando il problema.
  8. TheWarJaC

    Movies about warships

    Looks pretty cool, thanks guys, I am getting a lot of nice suggestions to add on my list 😊 In my opinion, also this one is a good war movie: Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War . It is a Korean film about the war between South and North Korea. One of my personal favorites is The Thin Red Line: a very philosophical movie that doesn't get tedious or pretentious as other movies from Terrence Malik (see the Tree of life ) .
  9. TheWarJaC

    Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35

    Hi Captain, After the end of this offer, you won’t be able to buy the Z-35 for a while. But the ship might return to be purchased in the future.😊
  10. TheWarJaC

    Stuck at Logging in screen

    Hi Captain, if you give me your ticket ID I can try to look into your situation further 😊
  11. TheWarJaC


    Hi Canno_Fodder30, As Monalie suggested you write a comment at this link, Mr. Conwat will ear your feedback 😊.
  12. TheWarJaC

    Greyhound: Second World War movie.

    I am in the exact same situation, and I don't want to subscribe to every single streaming service known by humanity Edit-- The Foundation series really tempts me though (I am an huuuge fan of the books).
  13. TheWarJaC

    PT 0.9.7 - Bugs

    Hi Captain, As Corporal Mediocre already clarified the 2 round of Public Test for the update 0.9.7 finished on Tuesday. But another session of PT will open soon in August 😊
  14. TheWarJaC

    Sezione armeria e negozio premium

    Prego Capitano! È stato un piacere poterti essere d’aiuto 😉
  15. TheWarJaC

    Captains dont change when selecting new ship

    Haha, we have an ST candidate here: thank you super much for your application and good luck then! 😉