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  1. paulysan

    joining a brit clan

    I think there is a cool down period of several days before you can join a new clan. There is also a section called Clan Zone in the forum for people looking for a clan.
  2. paulysan

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thanks for the reply. Did the reinstall yesterday on main pc and laptop and Modstation then worked perfectly.
  3. paulysan

    [ALL] ModStation

    So if I do a reinstall directly from Wargaming.net then will this potentially solve the problem?
  4. paulysan

    [ALL] ModStation

    Forgot to include that the game was originally downloaded through the Microsoft store,if that makes any difference?
  5. paulysan

    [ALL] ModStation

    I am not using Steam so I suppose in this case it must be usual? I have already tried clicking that button but it did nothing for me.
  6. paulysan

    [ALL] ModStation

    Have just downloaded the Modstation for the first time but have come up against a brick wall when trying to complete the installation. When I get to the "Select a client" page there are no displayed options in the "Add a game client" box and I don't know what info I need to put in there or where to get what I need? Any help greatly appreciated.