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  1. NewHorizons_1

    Update 10.1. BUG "loging in"

    I've not been able to login since the patch went live yesterday morning - the client crashes during the "LOGGIN IN" phase. This using the Steam version of WoWS which has been rock solid reliable up until now. I've not noticed an update to the client either, if there was one. Verified local game files, just to make sure, and that made no difference.
  2. NewHorizons_1


    Then was is the point of WG telling the community (CCs & players) that it values their feedback? What is the point of giving it? Not to be listened to or to be listened to and ignored are effectively the same thing from our point of view.
  3. NewHorizons_1

    Permanent Camos

    The "Five Epochs of the Navy" campaign rewards you with 2 perma-linked camos for T9 ships. Grants +100% XP, -20% post battle costs which is nice. Although the camo doesn't look realistic it isn't too garish, here's HMS Neptune decked out in it:-
  4. NewHorizons_1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Scharnhorst saves the day! One of my few 1000k base XP co-op matches. Is the one secondary battery hit on the Devonshire considered kill-stealing?
  5. NewHorizons_1

    I don't get torpedo warning from crew.

    That, I think, sometimes happens when torpedoes are spotted right at the last minute and there's not really enough time for the verbal warning. I get that in co-op when bot CVs drop the torps too close to your ship. I guess another situation could be stealthy deep-water torpedoes launched by Asashio and Pan-Asian DDs.
  6. NewHorizons_1


    Closest problem I've had recently was similar to @Karasu_Hidesuke's. A few days ago I got kicked out of the queue for "Technical Reasons" a few times. The funniest was when WoWS had decided I had actually got into a match, but the client couldn't make its mind up between being in a match or being in port. So had my fleet carousel, menus etc for the port, but my Atlanta was staring at the rest of my team sailing off to battle while not being able to do anything. Had to kill the client and restart the client to join the match.
  7. NewHorizons_1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Isn't it annoying when you have a good match, but WoWS times-out and doesn't show the results screen? Now, how annoying is it when you've just set a new personal best of 284k damage and that happens? Last frame of the replay where I sunk the CV, but before that salvo's 13.8k damage had been added to the total.
  8. NewHorizons_1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I normally prefer the better handling of Iowa compared to Montana, but I have been using the big ol' US battle barge to try and get somewhere in promoting her 19pt commander. Currently he's just over half way to 20pts, this match helped a bit.
  9. NewHorizons_1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finally got enough tokens for the T6 Italian BB Andrea Doria this morning. The 2nd co-op match was one of those bot heavy ones, just me and a Bayern. So much opportunity for damage farming ... if you don't get focussed down. One of the citadel hits was with SAP on the Furutaka - which does sting - the other was an AP hit on the New Mexico.
  10. NewHorizons_1

    Unfair practice in ranked battles.

    Neither could I until I drag selected the text and scrolled ... a lot. I really wish this forum had options to filter out 1) font colours as many posts are unreadable when you use the forum's darker background options 2) Font typefaces and sizes as one person's aesthetic is not always one's own.
  11. NewHorizons_1

    Why Scharnhorst 2 knots slower than Gneisenau?

    So Scharnhorst's captain is a slob while Gneisenau's commander pays attention to detail. Probably worth a captain skill, I propose "Pride of the fleet" : +7% maximum speed. More realistic than Dead Eye.
  12. NewHorizons_1

    NoZoups easy deadeye skill counterplay!

    NoZoup claims that players are leaving in droves since the introduction of the skill rework & Dead-Eye. Does anyone have the stats yet for the number of players on the NA & EU servers, or is it still to early to say?
  13. NewHorizons_1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    While grinding 6,000,000 credits for the Italian tokens mission I set a new T10 personal damage record in the ever dependable Minotaur.
  14. Yup. I like both B5 & ST so I wouldn't mind seeing a Trek based event. I'm doubtful, like others, it could happen though as the cost of the licence would be prohibitive. Man those guys really know how to party! Vorchan cruiser & Sentri fighter were nice looking too.
  15. Awww. I wanted my Isoroku Yamamoto commanding a Sharlin class Warcruiser.