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  1. NewHorizons_1

    Update 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    Enhancement request after seeing, mainly at mid-tiers, players attacking visible** surface ships with ASW airstrikes. Add "X IMPOSSIBLE TO TARGET" to a surface ship's icon when using the ASW Airstrike reticule. I've even been asked in chat if the ASW airstrikes damage surface ships. ** There is the valid use-case of narrowing down the location of a ship hidden in smoke. If they've forgot to turn of their AA guns you can use the AA tracers to get an idea where they are. But it seems, probably newer, players don't know ASW only works against subs.
  2. NewHorizons_1

    Ironically, submarines ruin my immersion.

    I always have to double check when he spots a "submarine" though. Is it an actual sub? Or is it Jingles just being crap? Again.
  3. NewHorizons_1

    Turn off rent ships?

    It's a pity the missions don't offer a choice of reward : rental ship or coal I'd go for the coal every time
  4. NewHorizons_1

    PSA: Replay Vulnerability

    E-mail notification and/or a forum banner notification (like the ones for server downtime) would have been nice.
  5. NewHorizons_1

    WarGaming is alering player stats.

    That would be hilarious given some of the bots & potatoes you see sailing Pommerns in co-op - WG would have to make some of the bot's AI worse. There's a couple of them that regularly struggle to reach three-digit base XP.
  6. NewHorizons_1

    Upcoming or recent must have ships

    Before WG made the announcement I thought any new French cruisers might have been turbo CLs to match their destroyers. Imagine a higher tier Émile Bertin with engine boost and a main battery reload booster. For giggles, put Philippe Auboyneau at the helm and proc his Surge Forward talent ... if you survive the incoming fire of course.
  7. NewHorizons_1

    Limit of activated codes of the account reached? WTF?

    I think it just means the limit for that specific bonus code has been reached - ie, you redeemed RUSTYSHIP earlier. That one has been around a while, so you could well have forgotten you have already used it.
  8. NewHorizons_1

    The Clydebank Dockyard: Construction of Atlântico

    Now that the hull has been launched, has anyone else noticed that Atlantico has 5 barbettes, each turret has two guns but there's only 9 barrels on dock side? Bit of a necro, but NVM.
  9. NewHorizons_1

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    That kinda "just happened" as I was backing up the New Orleans that pushed very hard towards the spawn points at the edge of the map. I'm normally not that brave in a CL. I even got +1 karma out of it - probably from the New Orleans.
  10. NewHorizons_1

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

    *Spots the 12 torpedo hits* - you're driving it like Weimar though.
  11. NewHorizons_1

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    Or, be the Weimar. Had two in Narai early this morning, both went for the CV. One savaged the bots and got over 1900 baseXP, the other ... was near the bottom. I was in Fiji and wasn't much further up the table. At the time I thought of this thread and an angry @wot_2016_gunner
  12. NewHorizons_1

    The Longest Night of Museums 2022

    Went to IWM Duxford ~20years ago - had a great time. Quite eye-opening to see actual US aircraft hanging from the ceiling like oversized Airfix models.
  13. Much obliged, commander! Results of fiddling with maxDockFrameRate 25 : Stutters while panning the camera around 40 : Usable 50 : Barely noticeable drop in performance from the default of 75
  14. NewHorizons_1

    GPU Temps in Port

    Example on how you can change the port's frame rate, from @Leo_Apollo11 I found values of maxDockFrameRate below 40 resulted in stuttering when panning the camera around, with a 144Hz display. Above 40 is usable, and at 50 you hardly notice any difference from the default of 75