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  1. How do these rewards work? I've done a 5star Aegis before but I don't think I got the commander. Anyway for randoms Operations are dead, apart from the first try to see how it works. I've tried Newport this week and half my team was dead before the last attack. If WG was smart enough they would only nerf XP coming from divisions or limit divisions to two people max, but no, they decided to completely kill the rewards bashing on new players, that freexp would have been so sweet for my starting grind xD
  2. I'm a new player that never played Narai before, I managed to join a random average fleet for the economy bonuses and never ever had a division. From my point of view this change hits extremely hard on players like me, trying to get into the game and feeling disappointed even before I get to try the real thing. I already know I won't play the mode at all, it has zero attractiveness to me and for sure I won't use my precious flags on an unrewarding game mode. Seeing that people could farm a lot of xp through this method before discourages me even more cause there is an even bigger gap between old and new players. The more I learn about the details of the game (like overpowered captains no longer obtainable with ingame events) the less I want to play the game :/
  3. BBlackBeard

    Jean Bart after cruiser armor buff

    Is Jean Bart still working good after the cruiser armor buff? If i'm not mistaken angled t8+ cruisers can now bounce off her 380mm shells. To those of you who had the ship before and after the ifhe/cruiser armor patch did you see a noticeable decrease in performance? I'm about to buy a t9 between JB/Georgia and now that I've noticed this fact Georgia's 457mm seem more appealing