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    [0.9.2.X] OdTo Minimap

    Yes, that's where I got the idea from. It can be queried and implemented somehow, that script is the proof. :) (I'm coming from rtcw, got used to q3 scripting, didn't look into wows scripting yet)
  2. Mr___Largo

    [0.9.2.X] OdTo Minimap

    I'm quite newb to wows, just started tryin plugins. Yours was one of the first, I quite like the tiny lines showing directions at first glance. So I'm a happy user too. Thanks for the effort. (Only issue is the fontsize, it's way too big for me, tried moddin the code as instructed, not solved yet, I guess a restart of wows needed for that or sg) UPDATE: yes, just a restart was needed, ty. NOTICE: the lines showing directions disregard speed, maybe they could be swapped when a ship is goin reversed, sg like: if [shipspeed] < 0 then [angle_of_line]:= [angle_of_line] + 180deg (don't ask, what language is this :D)